Friday, April 27, 2018

Stained glass wedding cake nail art

Magnolias are kind of done blooming (for now) but I'm missing them so here's my own burst of happy flowers! These were inspired by a wedding cake by Cake Style, so creative!

All I needed was a white base polish, some acrylic paint and a tiiiiiny brush for paintin'!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Floral french gradient tips

It's really starting to feel like spring over here in the Netherlands! The first backyard afternoon teatime is a fact! The air feels incredibly soft compared to the winter chill and the sun has finally found its way back too :D

So what better way to celebrate than a happy design? I painted my tips white, taped them off using Liquid Palisade by Kiesque and proceeded to make a delicious gradient using Serum No. 5 Solar Power, Orange You Sunny and Raspberry Delight. These polishes are LIT! Hehehe
All it took was some acrylic paint and my detail brush to add some flowers and take this design up a notch!

I received Serum No. 5 Raspberry Delight as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wikkid Polish swatches & review

Making a sparkly, shiny debut on my blog, please welcome Wikkid Polish! It's my immense pleasure to feature one of the UK's finest indies, whose 'pourn' (not as dirty as it sounds) has gone viral before on Insider, Marie Claire and other large social media outlets. It really is the nail polish of your dreams, so let's jump right in!

Friday, March 16, 2018

3D gecko nail fail

Sooo..... this didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped, haha!

A very good friend of mine told me to share it anyways, because you never know what it might inspire. So here's me challenging you all! I'd love to see you try your hand at this design, 2D or 3D, any technique you can come up with, just go for it and have fun!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Actual lace nail art

OK so I know this one is a little bit crazy looking.... It's just something that I had in mind for a while now, and I HAD to try it out!

I have this sort of lace on a roll, it's basically just threads weaved together in a very open way. I wondered what this would look like on nails!

The end result is this weird creation, I encased the lace in gel top coat so the top is completely smooth and nothing snags or scratches.

Whaddaya think? Would you wear this?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pink Gellac - Wear test results

As I promised you in my Pink Gellac Starter Kit review, I'd be wearing one of their colors for a full wear test, and the results are in!

I chose Berry Red for this wear test, and it wore very comfortably. The first few days were amazing, I felt like I'd just come home from the salon (although I've never actually been to one). I enjoyed my super shiny gorgeously colored nails a LOT!

The photo below shows two days of wear, without a scratch or anything:

After five days, the tips were the first to show any signs of wear. The Pink Gellac still looked super shiny, and the edges were holding up nicely too.

I'm right handed, so that side is the first to get its polish ruined. Weirdly enough, the worst tip wear was on my middle and ring finger, somehow my index remained intact for way longer.

Aaaand then disaster struck XD A little over a week in, the polish started to lift at the tips, making it easy for water to sneak under it and do more damage. At this point it was time to remove it, the lifting parts kept getting tangled in my hair and I was missing whole nails of polish.

Full disclosure: moving is pretty hard on your nails! I'm still getting my new apartment in shape and for the polish to survive that for over a week is pretty cool, I'd say.

I was curious to see if Pink Gellac would last the 14 days that the brand promises. I managed to make it past the first week, and then it got... dicey :-p In hindsight, I could have prolonged wear time if I had retouched the tips every 2 - 3 days, just swiped it with a bit of the Shine top coat and cured. Still, where normal polish chips on me within a day or 2, this stuff stayed on nicely, looking shiny and perfect and smooth! I didn't use the Primer that came with the kit, it wasn't mentioned in the instruction booklet but it's supposed to go on before the base, to make the gel polish adhere to the nail plate even better. So that's what I'll try next time, see if it helps the tips to stay put longer.

Time for my final conclusion! The Pink Gellac Starter Kit is super easy to use. For me it's a huge plus that Pink Gellac gel polishes don't need any dry time and they're odorless. While I didn't get the 2 weeks of wear out of it, it did keep its perfect finish for a long time. There's a big range of colors on the website that you can purchase individually or choose a few to go along with a Starter Kit. I'll definitely be wearing Pink Gellac a lot more in the future!

Fun fact: I was applying a new color when my aunt came over and turns out she uses Pink Gellac too!!

I received all of the products in this article as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rainbow tech nail art

It takes sunshine and rain to make rainbows. And sometimes, a dash of nail polish too!

Oooh and it glows!!! I used Parrot Polish Dakotas for the base and painted the design with white acrylic paint first. Then all I had to do was retrace it with some Serum No. 5 Glo-balt Blue, Kiwi Glow Now, Solar Power, Orange You Sunny, Raspberry Delight and Wisteria-ously Bright!

I received Parrot Polish Dakotas and Serum No. 5 Glo-balt Blue, Kiwi Glow Now, Raspberry Delights and Wisteria-ously Bright as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pink Gellac Starter Kit swatches & review

Happy random Thursday! I'm very happy to present to you today: a review of the Large Starter Kit from Pink Gellac! I've been playing around with actually wearing something on my nails for longer than a couple of hours (the life of a blogger, right) and contemplating wearing gel polish more often. So when I was approached by Pink Gellac, I was immediately enthusiastic and rearing to try out this new-to-me brand! Scroll down for info on the contents of the kit, my swatches, and my inner most thoughts about it all!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Dancing couple nail art

Dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart is another.

It's worth taking a look at the background too because that took me a while to paint... maybe even longer than the couple itself :-p 

I used SuperChic Lacquer Splice & Hot Finger for the gradient. They work together so well! The accent nail was completely painted with acrylic paint.


I received SuperChic Splice & Hot Finger as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Chemistry nail art

You and me, baby, we've got chemistry! Dump the stuff from the test tube into the Erlenmeyer and watch the reaction change colors ;-)

The base is Picture Polish Tingle, which is this perfect happy teal color that I should really use more often.

The color change is the magic of Masura 294-244 and 294-247, both thermal gel polishes that you can see in their full glory in my Masura review from 2016. They change from yellow & green when warm to pink & purple when cold, making them perfect for some cool nerdy chemistry nail art!

I received Masura 294-244 & 294-247 as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Negative space chrome kisses nail art

Mwah! Whether you are single, going steady, engaged or married, come here and gimme a kissssss!!!

What you're seeing is the magic of Dragon Powder from What's Up Nails. I used it on the whole nail, then painted over it using black acrylic paint, negative-spacing the lips. I added a matte top coat in the end and voilá!

I received Dragon Powder from What's Up Nails as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Thank youuuu!!!

You guys are amazing! My blog sale was a great success and the grab bags were sold out in no time! A couple of you even came back for seconds, seriously you ROCK <3 <3 <3 

There's still a great selection of hand painted jewelry in the shop, ranging from earrings, rings and necklaces to charms that you can hang from your bag, keys or on a bracelet. They're hand painted with lots of luuuuvvvv, there's only one of each and they can be shipped anywhere in the world!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Key lime nail art

Here's a little slice of summer for ya, just hold on for a few more months and it will be back for real!

It's so juicy looking! I made a base gradient using Serum No. 5 Kiwi Glow Now? and Day Glow, and then just simply painted slices on top of it with white acrylic paint.

And well.... what would a Serum No. 5 mani be without a gorgeous glow?! I freaking LOVE this stuff!

I received Serum No. 5 Kiwi Glow Now? and Day Glow as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Fuzzy animal print nail art

Aaaaahahaha this has me giggling!! And it's totally hand washing safe ;-)

I used acrylic paint to lay down the basic design of the prints in the right colors. Then I went over the prints with a gel top coat, sprinkled flocking powder on top and cured it under a UV light. then all that's left is removing the excess and voila!

It feels a bit weird at first, bristly, but you get used to it fast and it holds up nicely during daily wear :) Plus I giggle every time I look at my hands!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Grab bags up for grabs

Did you know about my blog sale yet? I'm moving out of my parents' house and into my own apartment! I found a little studio apartment that is just big enough for one person, but since I'm tiny and only about 3/4 the size of a regular person, it's perfect XD So to make room and raise funds, I'm selling mystery grab bags!

When I say grab bags, I mean grab BAGS ;-) Each mystery grab bag includes 12 full sized beauties, I made sure there are a LOT of indies in there, and no drugstore brands.

Some of the brands include ILNP, Picture Polish, Cupcake Polish, Illyrian Polish, KB Shimmer, Cadillaquer, Tonic, A England, just to name a few. Each package also has a variety of other nail goodies. The possibilities include liquid latex, top and base coats, nail vinyls, multichrome powders, nail charms, glitters, brushes etc! Price already includes shipping to anywhere in the world, so wherever you are, hope you enjoy!

I took goooooood care of these polishes, I mean really excellent care. All of the bottle necks have been cleaned and the brushes checked, they are all in great condition and from a non-smoke home.

There's a Storenvy fee added at checkout, I have no control over this but it will be refunded to you after purchase. I don't like sneaky extra costs and you probably don't either ;-)

I'm hoping to show you my new place with lots of pics soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and happy shopping! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Glow roses nail art

We haven't had a glow design in a while! There's a small hidden aspect about this one, because...

...even though it's white in the light, the stems & leaves glow green thanks to Serum No. 5 Budding Lights while the roses light up purple with Madam Glam After Dark.

I love how they almost seem like 2 different designs!

I have a couple of mystery grab bags left in my blog sale, to help me become an actual grownup with an apartment of my own :) Definitely check it out!

I received Madam Glam After Dark as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lanterns in the night nail art

Follow the path of lights to get to where you're going! Just... don't fall in the water :-p

The mesmerizing night sky is Tonic Polish Huckleberry Sparkle that I got from Color4Nails, look at the stars shining!!! I painted everything with acrylic paint and a tiny brush.

It's a little bit different from my usual landscapes, but I like it. It's mysterious and a little bit magical :)

There's still a few surprise packages left in my blog sale right here! 

I received Tonic Huckleberry Sparkle as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pool table nail art

Whaddaya do when it gets darn cold? You stay indoors and play pool is what you do! Teeny tiny pool as the case may be :-p

I used some green flocking powder for the 'table', it's so fluffy! I had these small plastic beads that worked amazingly well for the pool balls, I just had to paint them here and there. Aaaaand the cue is made from a wooden cocktail pick that I painted. Seems easy enough and yet the balls kept escaping! XD

Friday, January 5, 2018

Big changes for 2018!

Big things for me in 2018: I'm moving out of my parents' house and into my first real apartment! Yes I know, it's about time at 28. It was just so comfy at home, and me and my parents get along great. I have a tiny studio apartment and it's taken me a whole lot of effort but it's starting to look great! Tiny means cozy in my book, although it also means setting priorities and trying to fit everything I own into the little storage space I have available.

So, to cut to the chase... I have SO much polish and not all of it can move with me. I'm parting with a big chunk of my collection and sharing it with you in the form of a blog sale! It's been a while since I've had one of these so let me refresh your memory:

I LOVE surprise packages and it has gone over great in the past so that's what we'll be doing! I have a couple of mystery grab bags up in my shop that contain 12 polishes, most of which are indies, and a whole bunch of extra nail art/nail care/other goodies. The items are in great condition, most have never been used while some have been used once, one 1 hand. Price already includes shipping in a sturdy box with plenty of padding inside, to anywhere in the world!

I also have smaller grab bags, and a gel polish variety, so be sure to check out the listings and I hope there's something for everyone!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Circuit board nail art

Why did the capacitor kiss the diode? He just couldn't resistor XD

The base is Masura Sky Gardens that I reviewed a while ago. I used Madam Glam Perfect Black to paint the circuit board design, all of it, and then added some Green Menace & Silver Star chrome powders from Mitty for different parts of the design.

Be careful not to touch! This design is eeeeeelectric! High voltage!

I received Masura Sky Gardens, Madam Glam Perfect Black & Mitty powders as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.