Thursday, January 1, 2015

Glow in the dark sugar spun nail art + video tutorial

Happy fresh and shiny 2015 everybody!!! I am a very superstitious person, I believe that your first moments into the new year set the tone for the rest of the year. That's why I chose to recreate my most popular nail art design of 2014, this stuff works like catnip or something because everyone is attracted to it. It even got featured by China Glaze!!! This time I made it glow in the dark, duhh! So let's hope for more great nail art designs in 2015, more nail friends and ofcourse more fun! Click to see pics and a video tutorial!

This design has been recreated so many times, I'm happy to inspire other nail artists :D My favorite has to be the version that Tunay Na Mahal did for her guest post in honor of my blogiversary!

For my base, I used Picture Polish Black, that I topped with HK Girl top coat by Glisten&Glow and then mattified with OPI matte top coat.

The sugar spun effect is made with my super fancy-lookin' dotting tool from Christrio Scotland and my awesome-sauce glow in the dark polishes from Serum No. 5 called I Gleam In Pink, Solar Power, Orange You Sunny and Ultra Violet. These are some excellent polishes to do sugar spun with! They dried fast on the palette but were soft enough to easily drape over the nail. No clue what I'm talking about? Then read on for the instructions, and see the video tutorial at the end of the post!
Apply a black base color. You can use a black matte polish or apply a top coat and then add a matte top coat. You will want to put on the regular top coat first because matte top coats tend to drag the color and your polish brush will get stained. So I'd suggest doing the regular top coat first before adding the matte.

Put down a few drops of polish and wait a while to let them get thick and goopy. Softly blowing on the polish and stirring it will help speed up the process. When it's nice and thick, you will be able to pull long strings from the polish! So cool! Drape the strings over the nail using your dotting tool. I like to leave my polish to get really goopy, that way I can work slowly and controlled. A thick string can be pulled longer while hovering over the nail, so you can determine the right thickness of the string and the placement. Very convenient!
When you like how your nail looks, all you have to do is clean up around the edges. First, press down the strings at the edges of the nail, just softly press them down into the crease between your nail and your skin. By doing this, the string 'melts' at that point, and you won't drag along the string off your nail when you swipe your brush. After this step, you can continue cleanup like you're used to.

Thin strings can feel kind of sharp on the nail, while thicker strings are soft and round. If you don't like the texture, just put some top coat on it!! You'll lose the matte vs. shiny effect but it will still look pretty cool.

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