Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nail art inspired by a Bob Ross painting

Heya! I did another one of my art recreations, it's inspired by Bob Ross. I really hope I did the painting justice! And that's not even all, because I did this nail art before, more than a year ago. Click to see more!

But this art recreation has a little twist... I did it as bestie triplet nails with my favorite real-life nail girls, Marlein and Annelie, who run the @creatinails Instagram account together! It was a HUGE challenge for both of them because they had never done something like this, but now they have and I think it's a big success :D
This took me about 6 - 7 hours to paint and it's done with acrylic paint. I really enjoyed every part of it, except for those FREAKING mountains! I keep forgetting I hate painting mountains! They never turn out right, plus they are the first thing I start with (to make the background) so the whole project still looks like crap and I'm demotivated.

The rest was fun and relaxing, I love painting water. Most of my art recreations have water! Wait no... almost all of them :-p
Painting on nails is a lot different from painting on canvas. First of all, it's a different surface. Nails are very smooth (even though sometimes I'll add a matte top coat to paint on, for roughness) while canvas is rougher. Certain effects can be achieved by using different brushes, but most of those tricks just don't work on such a small scale! And ofcourse I'm using acrylic paint, and not oil paint. Hmmm that might be something to try one day...
I just love painting water! It's the easiest part for me, I set up the basic water shape with a light blue, and making it look like actual water is as easy as just adding strokes and dots here and there :-p
And yes, I did this painting a year ago, I didn't even know it was one of Bob Ross' paintings back then! I did the old version with all nail polish, which is why it looks so... hmmm.... *shrugs shoulders*

I also have a picture of while I was painting those cursed mountains:

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