Monday, September 23, 2013

Painted landscape for my birthday

Hi girls! Ermahgerd, I can't believe I haven't even shown you my birthday nail art yet! I spent weeks thinking about what I wanted on my nails for my birthday, but then when the day rolled around I still didn't know. I looked back on all my previous nail wins to determine my favorite technique and go from there. I found my beautiful sunflowers from a while back and I knew that that was the way to go. This freehand painting is the best stress relief I know, I feel great doing it, times flies and I'm very happy with the result. I was never into painting but somehow this feels different. Painting nails is different. Every little stroke counts because it will be very visible. 

For my birthday, I googled landscapes and I found one that I like very much. It might be more of a winter look instead of an end-of-summer look, but I don't care. I love this view. 

I used a lo-hot of different polishes and I didn't know which one to hold. So I went with the empty-hand pose. There are snowy mountains in the background that didn't turn out very well, but the water is amazing and so is the shore. 

And this was my inspiration. This is where I found it but I'm not sure who the artist is. It's a gorgeous view anyhow and I love that it inspired me. I just hope I did it justice.

*cough cough* Me wouldn't be me if there wasn't something funny about my nails on my birthday. That's because my other hand was painted differently! How? You'll see that tomorrow! Thank you for watching!

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