Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chique studded nails for my birthday

Hi girls! As promised, I'm back with the other part of my birthday mani. I had two polishes that I hadn't used yet, both bought at a super amazing discount so I'm very proud of these two pretties. The first one is Illamasqua Grab (this has an amazing formula, very opaque and smooth) and Picture Polish Focus. I expecting this last one to have more of an 'oompf' than it did. The glass flecks didn't seem to make it any prettier, but the color is still very nice.

I wanted something classy and chique to contrast the chaos on my other hand (I blogged about this yesterday, see it HERE), so I chose this design. It's a design I usually go to when I want a more serious look, the half-in-half as I call it, with a sort of slash in the middle. I'm sure it has a different name but this is what I think of when I see it.

I polished my nails the regular way with Illamasqua Grab, and added the other half of Picture Polish Focus. I used the brush of the polish itself, I was lazy ;-) Adding the studs was more of a challenge, as they were so tiny and I was working with my non-dominant hand.

My birthday was a good one with lots of polish gifts. Actually, I asked everyone for gift cards so I got to pick my own polish gifts! Even better! Ofcourse I got more Picture Polish and also some Halo Hues so be on the lookout for more awesomeness coming your way! Thanks for watching!


  1. Beautiful and happy belated b-day

  2. I love this so much, manis like these are so so pretty, and yours look sooo nice :D


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