Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stamping fun with a squishy stamper

Hi girls! I've always had a little trouble getting stamps to work for me. I was getting frustrated and felt like I needed a softer stamper. I read something about a squishy stamper so I ordered one from eBay.


It feels and looks like it's disintegrating but apparently that's what it's supposed to be like, because I've never stamped as well as with this one. Here are some examples:

Bondi New York In The Limelight with Color Club Over The Moon stamped on top. I used Bundle Monster BM-307 for the design. In The Limelight is a one coater, very nice, smooth and a beautiful color, but it stained my nails like mad! Over The Moon is my honey, my baby, my super holographic stamping partner. I love it!
I couldn't keep this sun pic from you. Prettehh!
Essence The Boy Next Door stamped with Mash stamping polish Metallic Silver. The stamps I used are from Bundle Monster BM-312 and Salon Express SE21 for the moon and stars. It's funny because I've looked through my plates so many times, but only now I discovered the cloud-like stamp on BM-312 and I was like "How did I never see that before? How did that get there?"
Bondi New York Top of the Rock with Sweet Heart Polish She's So Flakey on top and stamped with Color Club Beyond. The stamped I used are from the Cheeky Jumbo Happy Holidays plate, which I absolutely LOVE by the way!

I mattified this design with Essie Matte About You to make the flakies stand out. I think this worked out excellent! Very beautiful!
Kleancolor Mango stamped with H&M Je T'Aime on top. I used Cheeky CH2 for the animal print. I'm unsure if these are zebra stripes or if it's tiger print, so you get to decide for yourself. Pic was taken near a window.

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