Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shining like Northern Star Polish - Part 1

Hi girls! I have some really special polishes to share with you today! I reviewed FIVE Northern Star polishes, four from the new collection for Halloween and one oldie but goodie that's making a comeback. I've split up my review in two blog posts, you know, because I talk a lot...

Northern Star is a US based brand, created by Kristin and made with love. Full sized polishes are 15ml/0.5 oz and they come in these neat boxes with a name sticker on top. Looks naaiiizzz, right? The Northern Star Polishes are 4-free, which means they don't contain DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde-resin. They're also cruelty-free and vegan friendly. I spotted THREE stainless steel balls in the polishes, which makes mixing in the glitters really easy. They don't really settle much, but a quick roll will help getting them to float around.

I received Bella Morte, Macabre Delight, Twisted Treat, Pumpkinlicious and Phantasmagoric. You might recognize Pumpkinlicious, it's making a come back for the season! They are all gorgeous polishes and I enjoyed playing with them. I'll tell you the details on each of them below!

Bella Morte

Bella Morte is a delicious jelly that applies easily. She's described as a blood red jelly, which I think describes the color really well. It took five coats to get rid of my visible nail line, still the polish is lighter on the nail than in the bottle. I like it on the nail better, actually! With fewer layers, you get a gorgeous berry color, so I'd say she's a polish with lots of possibilities.

If you think five layers is a bit too much to your liking, I'll have a surprise for you later. Read on, I dare ya...
Ahh and look at how shiny! Bella Morte really has that jelly squishiness that we love so much. She's a lovely lady that anyone would be lucky to have in their stash!

She applied beautifully, no problems there. The bottles have a nice wide brush that picks up the polish really well. Drying time was excellent, despite the warm weather we've been having. I'd say that's a really good quality in a polish!

No fishing for red glitter was required, somehow the perfect amount of glitter got on my nail. I couldn't see them in the red jelly so fishing would have been a no-go anyways. Just give the polish a quick roll and you should have easy polishing!
At a closer look, you can see black flakes and matte red glitters. The black flakes tend to flash purplish through the jelly layers. They really make the polish shine, although in the wrong lighting they can give it a bit of a dirty-ish look.

Surprise! I layered Bella Morte over a silver holo to give it a special effect. The holo only needed one coat, then I layered two coats of Bella Morte over it and it got a weird purplish color. When I turned my hand, a sparkle of holo glimpsed through the jelly goodness and really gave an 'ooohhh' effect.

Macabre Delight

Macabre Delight is another jelly, a deep purple with purple & green glitters, and a bit of red sparkle. It has a lovely jelly shine, but you're seeing 5 coats in the pic and there's still a visible nail line. More than five coats is pushing it way past my patience, although I must say Macabre Delight has no trouble drying quickly, just like Bella Morte. Very good, little girl!

The red sparkles are barely visible in this pics, but I have a macro shot that shows them beautifully!
While I was polishing, 'Something wicked this way comes' kept popping into my head, and I saw frogs and witches dancing by. Very fitting for Halloween!
You'll find all kinds of purple and green glitter in there: squares, hexes in different sizes and cute little squiggly things that I've never even seen before! There's also a gorgeous red sparkle that gives Macabre Delight a magical effect.
To make my nail line disappear with the same magical effect, I layered Macabre Delight over a brandless purple polish of roughly the same color. I used Gosh Early Green on my accent nail but I don't really like that combination, I think a blue or lighter purple would have been a better fit. Layering gives less glitter but more opaqueness. I don't know which I like better. All in all it's a gorgeous color that deserves to be worn with pride!

To sum up: both Bella Morte and Macabre Delight are gorgeous jellies that take a few more coats to reach opacity. They are smooth and shiny and will give you wet dreams about easy application for a week! I love the sparkle and little surprises that both these polishes have, they are just gorgeous!

The Northern Star Halloween collection will be released on September 15th at noon Central time. Full sized polishes are 15ml/0.5 oz and cost $8,50 and minis come in 9ml/0.3 oz size and are sold for $5,50 per bottle. They will be available in the Northern Star Etsy shop, you can also follow this brand on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news, restocks and sales!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my review!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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