Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yellow butterfly wings that glow in the dark

Hi girls! I know what you're thinking: YAAAAY another blog post! I'm extra happy today because tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!! I'm doing a special birthday mani later but first I have some other prettiness to share with you.

A while ago, I bought the Nailz Craze NC01 & NC02 stamping plates, but I never got around to using the NC01. I was waiting for the perfect nail length, and so here it is! Turns out my nails were actually just a little bit too long, I should have switched over to the larger butterfly images that are also on this plate, but I stamped with the small ones instead *stupidstupidstupid* This was easily corrected though, as I'm handy with a brush and some polish and I retouched the part that didn't quite reach my cuticles.

You might have recognized the bottle I was holding as Different Dimension Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery from my review... and you're right! I've been up at night again, lots of times actually, and what better to keep you company than a glow in the dark polish? I layered it over Models Own Lemon Meringue, which is a nice soft yellow pastel polish but it gave me some bubbling problems. I swear, I don't ever shake my polish! It's just some polishes that always give me the bubblies.

But back to the glow! I charged it up with a UV flashlight and it's so gorgeous after that. It glows with regular light too, and it keeps on glowing all night long. This is something to keep in mind if you're someone who needs total darkness to sleep.

And ofcourse I have a side-by-side for all you lovers out there! So here's how it looks in artificial lighting

Oh, and did I mention it has holographic sparklies, too?

And this is how it looks in the dark (no, really???)

I also have a picture WITH the stamping plate, for your viewing pleasure. The engravings are so sharp, so perfectly etched... I'm kind of sad that the other Nailz Craze plates aren't really my style or I would buy them all. I have more information about my experiences shopping with Nailz Craze as well as Different Dimension here (it's really informative, you should read it).

Thanks for reading my ramblings, uhgain, I just love to blabber all over this blog. Did anyone just get strange mental images from that sentence? Must just be me then.... Mbye!

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