Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holo waves nail art

Hi girls! I've been really getting back into the 'better' nail art lately. I didn't do my nails often when I was sick, and when I did, it was mostly a coat of color and some glitter, that was all I could manage. I've been wanting to get into posting regularly, although the warm weather is keeping me outside and away from my computer. My nail art is getting so much better! That's a great motivator for me.

Sunny summer weather calls for holos, so I went all out and used three of them. Here you have Glitter Gal Marine Blue, Lilypad Lacquer Zombee and A England St George.

Don't you just love how super crisp those lines are? I must say I'm really impressed with this nail art! It's a new technique I've been practicing with, I learned it from an amazing nail artist on Instagram.
Here's a sun pic, but I don't like the look of this photo as much as the one I took in the light box. I did want to show you the beautiful reflection of the light, I SWEAR I don't ever photoshop my images! This is all real, baby! I like the look of real, actual fingers, not the ones that are photoshopped so they look like creepy mannequin fingers.

Lilypad Lacquer Zombee is a good dupe for Different Dimension Totally by the way, swatches HERE. The only difference is that Zombee is a linear holo (which I prefer) and Totally is a scattered holo (still very nice though!).

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