Photography & nail art tips

Nail photography tips
Glow in the dark photography tips
Smooth gradients
How to file & polish your nails
DIY sheer tints
Fixing nail art mistakes
Base & top coats
Nail art brushes
Liquid latex comparison
One stroke basics

Make your own peel off base coat

How to use Gelibility


  1. Your work is absolutely astonishing!
    You take this so seriously and boy has it worked in your favor. It truly is incredible!
    Now if you saw my attempt at fancy nails like that you'd probably be in fits. It takes a great artist to draw some of the pictures and so much more skill, I should imagine to recreate that on a false nail. Amazing!

  2. agreed with rebecca, all those photos are absolutely astonishing, well, in fact half of your work could be done by DSLR, but it will not lead you to the professional level of photography, although DSLR can give you amazing photos but as artist says, a picture worth thousand words, therefore you must have an artistic sense to sense the hidden beauty of nature


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