Saturday, February 21, 2015

Turning regular nail polish into gel polish with Gelibility

How would you like to be able to wear your favorite (indie) polishes for up to 3 weeks without chips? If you don't have oceans of time to change your polish often, or sit and wait until it's dry, but you love your stash of regular nail polish, then you will want to read this. I got this Gelibility set to try out and tell you guys what I think of it. Click to read more!

The most interesting product in this kit is definitely the Gelibility Fix It! gel polish, this is what you mix with a regular polish to make it into a gel polish. This stuff goes for $19,95/€24,95 per bottle. Is it worth it? I say yes! I've been getting more into gel polish and what it can mean in nail art, but I really don't have the money (or the storage space) to build up a second stash in UV curable polishes. It also doubles as a top coat, and it works REALLY well. So I see it as a cost effective solution to wanting more gel polishes to wear!

There's also the Gelibility Stick It! base coat, specially designed to work well with the Fix It! gel polish and this one also costs $19,95/€24,95 per bottle. Worth it? Hmmm I'm no expert at gel polish. Coming from a regular polish perspective, I'd say you always need a good base coat.
My kit also came with a mixing palette, which is definitely really convenient when mixing up your polish. And since the Fix It! polish doubles as a top coat, and I didn't have a decent one before now, I decided to play around with some ideas I saw from Tartofraises and @U_Nona!

I got my UV lamp not too long ago from my pediatrist :-p He saw my nail art and was impressed, so he ran around grabbing everything nail related and he happened to have a UV lamp that he wasn't using anymore. Score!

I can write an essay about how to use this kit, but you guys like videos more anyways and I feel like I can convey the techniques much better that way. I did another voice over because the video called for it, but doing them seriously stresses me out and I HATE having to hear my own baby voice & Dutch accent, so please be gentle with me!

Music is "Easy Lemon" by Kevin MacLeod

A few additional tips to accompany the video:

- Mix up the polish really well, but don't stir too fast or you might get air bubbles trapped in the mixture. That never turns out pretty.

- Sometimes the alcohol didn't remove all of the stickiness. I think this had something to do with my ratio Fix It! to nail polish, but it didn't affect the way the polish cured and it was fixed by adding the last coat of Fix It! top coat.

- Because the Fix It! gel polish is clear, it basically dilutes your regular nail polish a bit and it might take more coats to reach full opacity. However, I did feel like holographic glitters stood out more (oooh sparklies!) and they definitely turned out smoother.

- I used a separate brush to apply the mixture to my nail, but you can use the brush that comes with the regular nail polish you chose, and then just wipe off the brush with a tissue before placing back into the bottle.

Are you hooked yet? There's a Gelibility shop for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, you can find all of your favorite products there. For all you gals not in the Benelux, there's a list of shops from all over the world that carry their products and there's more shops coming soon, so that's the place to look if you're looking to treat yourself to Gelibility!

I received the Gelibility kit as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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