Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cute purple dragon nail art

I had the pleasure of doing twin nails with the lovely Shawna from Mom, Mrs. And Me <3 She saw my water dragon nail art two weeks ago and she thought it would be a blast to work together on one! Click to see more!

All of these details weren't easy, haha! I only used three colors of acrylic paint for the whole dragon: dark purple, lilac and white. I think she turned out rather cute! She has a sweet face. I'm still looking for a name for her... Does anyone have an idea what I should call her?
I found a sketch of a dragon (I couldn't find out who the artist was) and we used that as a baseline. Because it was a sketch, we were free in our choice of color. I love how Shawna's dragon turned out! She 'zoomed in' to get more detail :D They both turned out very different but that's the beauty of it!

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