Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day from PiggieLuv!

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day, have a good one!

I'm single this year but I'm making my Valentine's Day about more than just romantic love. I want to take a moment to thank a couple of different people.

- My fans! I really, REALLY appreciate you looking at my work! There's a few of you who always know what to say, and that's Carmina, Carol, Michaela, Raphaelle, Anita, David, Reena, Michelle and SO many more of you, this list can keep on going!

- My friends :D I want to give a special warm hug to my friends Verity, Hanne, Melanie, David, Karen, Charlie, Marlein, Annelie, Thanasis and Morven. Oh and also my real life friends Esmee and Jill who aren't into polish like I am but they'll always listen to my stories and let me do their nails <3

- Indie brands! There's a few in particular that I cherish, like Ellagee, Digital Nails, Serum No, 5, Jior Couture, and Parrot Polish (and I'll cheat and name Christrio Scotland and Hypnotic Polish as well) but I have one with special meaning. Gothic Gala Lacquers. Samantha and I met when we were both just at the start of our journeys, so I feel like we've grown together. There's a whole lot of warm fuzzy vibes crossing the ocean every day, I hope she can feel them :D

Hahaha and the best one yet: my parents! My mom picked out 10 of my 2014 designs to frame and hang in the living room. Isn't that amazing?

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