Sunday, February 1, 2015

3D pencil skirt nail art

 Hey ladies (and super awesome men)! What did you say? More 3D nail art? You ask, I deliver! So these are made from actual pencil shavings, I hope you like them! Click to see more, like a video tutorial!

The pencil shavings came from these coloring pencils that I found in the craft room. Look at my super artsy shot! The blue skirt fell apart before I had a chance to glue it to my nail but I had an extra piece of green shaving so I fashioned another skirt out of that, to dress my blue girl. These looked SO ridiculous without their skirts!!!
The rest is ofcourse, freehand with acrylic paint. I made the shirts using the one stroke technique because I wanted them to look round and gradient-y (yes I just made that a word) and it didn't look right when I tried it with just my detail brush. So the shirts were made using a flat brush from eBay. If you want to know more about the brushes I use, may I suggest taking a look at this article (yes you may, thank you very much!).
Call me crazy but I do love doing these 3D type videos. They make me feel like I'm a crafting channel on YouTube! So this is really easy to do: when you've painted your girls, sharpen a pencil and keep the shavings. Cut two pieces from this that you glue together with the colorful sides up, and cut them into shape.

Apply nail foil glue, wait until it's dry because then it will be sticky. Now press your skirt onto your nail and you're done!

These are just for fun, NOT meant for actual wear. So yes, I know they are super impractical. The video is meant for your (and mine) entertainment and not directly meant as a tutorial (although you're welcome to recreate it if you'd like!).

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