Friday, January 9, 2015

Behind The Nail Art - Fixing nail art mistakes

Messing up is human! You don't have to do perfect nail art, but I have a couple of tricks that will come in handy to fix a small mistake, without having to re-do the whole nail. Come check out my tips with a video!

I'd like to say 'just paint over it' but it's not always that easy. It's a great solution for when your mistake is in the middle of some art work but when you're doing a single line on top of a nail polish base, then painting over it means painting over the whole nail. Not always so convenient!!

Most of these tips are only applicable for nail art that's done with acrylic paint. Please keep that in mind when reading (and watching). Thanks!!

When it comes to doing nail art, it's always a good idea to put a top coat on your base color. If your base is dry, most of the time you can just scratch off your acrylic paint with your nails.
Can't scratch? Sometimes your base isn't dry enough, you forgot to put top coat on it or the acrylic paint just isn't coming off. Easy solution: dip a Q-tip in water or brush cleaner and wipe it off :) If you don't have any Q-tips handy, then a tissue or piece of cloth will do just fine. Or even your fingers!
But if you're wanting to get fine, precise lines, a Q-tip isn't very convenient. In this case, you'll want a brush dipped in water to kind of scrub it off. I'm using a brush that I tried to cut into a slanted brush once. I thought I messed it up, but it turns out to be a great 'scrub brush' and I use it a lot with water or brush cleaner to fix small mistakes.
And then you have the problem of adding top coat, and then finding a mistake. Or, in some cases, your paint wasn't dry and your top coat brush makes ugly black splotches that are covered in a layer of top coat. Believe me, it has happened to me. In this case, grab your Q-tip and dip it in remover! You'll have to work your way through the top coat first, don't put too much pressure on it, and just lightly rub it off. Works like a charm! Don't forget to top coat after cleaning!

And because moving pictures make this a lot clearer, I have a video that might explain it better.

Music "Life's Composing" by Kai Engel
Available on the Free Music Archive
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