Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peggy's Cove, nail art inspired by Raymond Edmonds

Heyy mah friends! I found this amazing work of art by Raymond Edmonds and it inspired me to recreate it on my nails! I love his style of painting, it's so realistic and it just draws me in. So come, take a closer look at my nail art version!

You guys were so enthusiastic about my Bob Ross nails, I had to bring you more! I totally don't mind because these big projects are a great way for me to relax and bring all of my different brush tricks into play. Not that I have that many...

The painting I based this on is called 'Peggy's Cove' and I looked it up on the internet. It's an actual place in Nova Scotia, and it was SO WEIRD to see real life pictures of the stuff I had just painted on my nails! I was looking at the screen, and then at my nails, and then at the screen again to compare. Awesome :D
Getting decent pictures must have been the hardest part in the whole process. There's a lot of detail on each nail but some of it disappears around the curve. There's a whole canoe to the right that you can hardly see but I promise it's there!

When I look closely, I still see things that I should and could have done better. I'm an eternal perfectionist! I have to keep reminding myself that some of these details are literally the size of a pin prick, and to let it be. Sometimes a work of art gets better by adding to it, and sometimes it just makes it worse.
I loved, loved, LOVED painting these! No annoying mountains this time like in my Bob Ross nail art or the Chuck Pinson autumn cabin, just nice and easy water. I told you before and I'll say it again, I love painting water! It has lots of different hues and just a few strokes make it look like actual moving water. I love it!

Some brainless people still seem to believe that I use stickers, so for your viewing pleasure, I've included some pictures of my work in progress:

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