Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nail art inspired by Chuck Pinson

Yessss it's time for one of *those* again! I'm really feeling the 'oh I'll just sit here for 8 hours and paint' vibe lately so you'll just have to do with another art recreation! Oh dagnabbit :-p This time it's this amazing piece by Chuck Pinson, called 'Space For Reflection'. Click to see more!

I wish I could be IN my nails, as weird as it sounds! It's just the perfect place to be. I was immediately drawn to this painting to recreate because it has such a peaceful vibe, something warm and homey and the whole scenery is just gorgeous. I wish I could have fit more of it onto my nails!
Tiny, tiny, tiny. Oh little cabin, how I hated you while I was painting you. But how I loved you when you were done!
I started with the pier because I thought it would be the easiest part, HAHA! Nothing about this was easy! It was a huge challenge, every part of it, but I really do love it.
I must admit, I slacked off a little bit on those trees. I made up for it by painting a tiiiiiny little yacht though! The water was a little bit easier, I'm actually planning on divulging some of my secrets (tricks) to you guys soon.... *silence... crickets....*
This freaking tree was the last part I painted and the colors are just not at all as they are in the original painting. It was really hard to get all of the shading and depth that this painting has, with only three or four colors to use. Plus, tiny tiny! BUT even though I'm complaining about each little bit, I did enjoy myself. Sitting and painting on a tiny scale just really seems to be my 'thing'. It gives me happiness and relaxation, and I wish I had more time for elaborate paintings like this.

If you're interested, do scroll downwards to see the different steps that I took while painting this!

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