Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hot air balloon nail art

Heya! *tacky commercial voice* Are you tired of everyday life? Stress getting to you? Do you need to get away for a bit? Well now you can! With this brand new hot air balloon nail art, your problems will fly away on the wind! *end tacky commercial voice* Hahaha okay back to reality! This nail art doesn't actually make big changes in anyone's life, but what it does do is look pretty. So come see my nail art tutorial!

I used Ellagee Trenzalore for the base and I have a review of this polish (and more of her little polish sisters) from the A Good Man collection! I topped it with China Glaze Techno because man oh man, I've had that polish since forever and I hadn't used it once! I also wanted to try out some camera settings with holographic glitter, I hope I was able to photograph it better now.
All of this wasn't hard to paint, it just took a little bit of time and concentration. I've always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon. We used to have an event in the city, with lots of hot air balloons in all kinds of shapes. I think it's as close as I could ever come to my ultimate dream: flying! I mean for real flying, not in an airplane or on a parachute (because really, that's just falling). I've just never had the chance to try it...
I painted all of this using my Basic One Gold detail brush from Christrio Scotland and ofcourse, my trusty acrylic paint. I found a bunch more bottles in the craft room when I was cleaning it out this weekend, so I have more colors now! Yay!
I finished my mani with a coat of HK Girl top coat from Glisten&Glow, I buy this from Hypnotic Polish, a Dutch stockist.

I have a video of how I made this! It's not exactly a tutorial because I think the video is pretty self explanatory, and the steps are easy and clear. Let me know if there's something that's not clear and I'll try to help :)

Music "Fly" by Blackbird Blackbird
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

 I received Ellagee Trenzalore as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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