Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cork board 3D nail art

First of all, YES I know these are super impractical... My grandmother used to make dollhouses and she died this weekend. This makes me think of her :) Click to see more!

These looked a lot better in my head but I showed the end result to one of my friends and she told me to post it. So I'm doing that now. Please be nice?

All I did was cut some cork board to fit my nails. I think I switched up my ring- and index finger piece because they didn't quite look right. I stuck them on using nail foil glue on top of a normal base coat but the cork was tough and didn't want to stick to a round nail :-p
I made tiny post-its and cut off some pins to make thumb-tack-like thingies. These things would NOT stay on! Hahaha! The cork was too thin to properly push the pins in so I had to be really careful while I was taking pictures. Like I said, NOT practical but heehee, I had fun!

My grandmother used to make dollhouses with my grandpa (who died 4 years ago). Making tiny furniture, teenie weenie food items, crocheting on a ridiculously small scale etc was a big part of who she was.

Music is "Vivacity" by Kevin McLeod

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