Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle! Nail art with a message

Hey ladies! My nail art wants to tell you something, and I think it's important that you open your ears and mind and that you listen closely. I have been seeing comments that are bullying. I've seen comments that are downright hateful or aggressive. And I freaking want it to STOP! But... you can't change other people. So what I want to do is tell you this: don't let anyone dull your sparkle!

You are good at what you do. No matter what anybody else says. If you feel like it's something you love and something you're supposed to be doing, shut your ears when someone foolishly tries to convince you to stop. As long as it's not hurting anyone, who the freak cares?

So for this nail art, I chose to go all symbolic and whatnot. I made a gorgeous sparkly colorful background and covered it up with a dull, grey polish. But that's exactly what I mean! If you let the haters get to you, you'll only end up disguising the best things about you. And those are the things the world needs!

I was always told I couldn't draw. I was told I shouldn't try because it looked like nothing. But hellooo look at where I am now? Thousands of people see my nail art every day. But it wasn't until I was away from school, away from scrutiny, that I was able to develop my skills. I wish I had been strong enough to defy what everyone said and just made my own road.
Okay so for this nail art, I started off with a silver base color. I sponged some H&M Jo Is In The House on top of that, I like to use a sponge for these things because you'll get all the glitter but without the clear base piling up. So it dries fast and you'll have thinner coats. Aaaaanyways! I applied some dabs of OPI sheer tints here and there, to make the silver glitters look colorful and cheery.

SO sparkly! You won't believe me when I say it but this is even MORE HOLO in real life! I swear!
I made a gradient on top of it all, using HerĂ´me Oslo and the Rimmel SuperWear top coat. I used this particular top coat because it's not super fast drying and thus more suitable for a gradient. Or at least that's what I figure, I didn't try it with a different top coat to compare!

I top coated my gradient and painted the text on top. Again, I need to practice my text nail art. I don't think it's very legible...

Anyways, I put top coat on it and called it nail art. So there!

Music "Glittering Images" by Aching Beauty
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

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