Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aliquid Lacquer's First Fantastiversary collection!

Hey ladies! Who's up for some celebratory swatches? Aliquid Lacquer sent me these babies to share with you, in celebration of her very first anniversary! There's three gorgeous polishes and a sweet-smelling lip balm, and I'm gonna show them to you one by one. Click to read my review!

Let's start with a quick look at the Champagne Frosting lip balm, shall we? This lip balm is handmade with the utmost of care and the first thing I always do is look at the label. The ingredients are all natural, clearly spelled out in Latin AND English so you can understand what the heck it's actually saying :-p

Me and lip balms, we're not really friends... I've had a couple of rough winters with allergic reactions to lip balms and eczema on top of that... So I'm very careful with what I put on my lips. I seem to only be able to handle shea butter right now and I feel awful not being able to bring you a decent review of this lip balm. BUT! I can tell you how it smells, and it smells delicious! It's vanilla with something else... something to counteract the sweet but still keeping it girly and fresh!


Artsy is just that. It's like paint splatters on a sweater, after a busy day of setting loose your creativity. It's colorful and sweet and fun :D
What makes this polish so much fun is the matte glitter! I can spot different shades of pink, also orange, blue & purple and they slightly change color as they get submerged in polish, so you get a lot of depth and variation. It's so cool!

The first thing I noticed as I was unpacking the polish was how well these glitters are suspended in the polish. There was no sinking at all, and all of them came out of the bottle easily and without fishing. Despite the formula being thick enough to hold the glitters up, it wasn't thick while applying the polish, so it went on smoothly and easily :D
This baby was tough to photograph! The pink is leaning a towards coral and it makes the polish look different in various lighting. Even my daylight bulb didn't help but eventually I was able to take pictures that are spot on, at least on my screen. Please keep in mind that colors can vary from screen to screen due to different settings. If you want to have a better idea of how it looks, be sure to check out the other amazing bloggers' swatches as well!

Now, Dogged is a special one for me. It looks a lot like one of my favorite polishes, which is already strange on its own because I tend to gravitate towards bright colors. But the polish in question is a slate grey scattered holo and Dogged just reminds me of it so much, but it's brown (duhh) and it has some other surprises. The last pic shows it the best so I'll tell you later.
First, I want to show you the full scattered holo flash in a bright daylight bulb. This pic isn't very color accurate, it's darker in real life like the picture above, but it does show the rainbows! I think this is what I like most about Dogged. The scattered holo is very visible in normal light, as well as bright light. It doesn't have that super obvious rainbow flash in the sun, but it divides its sparkle over all lighting conditions. It's moderate and it suits my personality, I guess :-p
It's so pretty! The polish is very opaque so two thin coats did the trick and my mani was done in a jiffy thanks to the quick drying formula. Very convenient!
And this is what I wanted to show you. Dogged also has reddish flaky thingies, and they only flash in certain lighting conditions. You can see them clearly at the curve of the bottle, and around the light reflection on my nails. Now that you know about them, you'll also be able to spot them in the other pictures. Where's Waldo? Hihi :-p

LOVE the polish, and the name! It just rolls off the tongue so easily, dontcha think?

Jam packed with green holo and metallic glitters, this is something I'd pick to celebrate with, yeahhh!
It's super shiny and sparkly so I pulled out my bright lamp again to get the holo effect in a macro shot. I'm showing you three coats for full opacity. It's a jelly polish, and the jelly itself wouldn't be opaque in three coats but the glitters disguised my nail line so it looked perfectly opaque to me!

I thought this polish would be bumpy with all the glitters, but it actually was really smooth, I love that :D
Come celebrate! Aliquid Lacquer has a week full of celebration planned, with flash giveaways on Facebook, a nail art contest on Instagram, lots of discounts and sales in the shop and ofcourse a big giveaway on the Aliquid blog! You'll be in party mood all week!

A big thanks to Alison for sending me these and trusting in me to do them justice (I hope I did!). I wish you the best second year an indie brand can have and lots and lots of love from the community!

And to my lovely readers: thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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