Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's a party with Gothic Gala Lacquers!

Hi girls! I have a very special brand to show you today! I don't remember exactly how I found her, but I've been following Samantha for a while now. I've seen many of her gorgeous creations light up my screen and I'm delighted to tell you that she opened her shop on August 22nd! Gothic Gala Lacquers has a shop on Etsy and I can tell you, there are good things a-comin' to this shop soon! Today, I'll review two of her very first polishes for you.

Squeeeee!!! Look at this packaging! This is something special, I tell you... So much work and thought has gone into packing every single polish. I was actually making happy sounds while I was opening my box, because even though I had seen pictures already, nothing beats getting one of these gems in the actual mail! When I opened it, the first thing that popped into my mind was:

It's a party in a box!

There's also a homemade lollipop included in every package! It might seem like a little extra but just imagine the time it takes to make these. I LOVE the extra detail, it made me feel very special and like it was still a little bit my birthday <3
The bottles are also unusual. They're rounded, which made it a challenge for Samantha to find the right way to label them. I really like how they turned out! The name of the polish is on another label on the bottom of the bottle.

The caps fit the bottle perfectly in shape and size, and the brush is the wide kind I love so much.
I received Just For Fun and Glacier. Actually, I received another polish in this package too, called Delilah. She was really really pretty, but she had some trouble drying. I told Samantha of the troubles I'd been having and after some tests, she decided to discontinue Delilah. At least for now, until she can figure out what's causing this problem. I thought it was only fair to leave Delilah out of my review.

Just For Fun

Just For Fun is a very smooth polish with a grey shimmery base, black shreds and hot pink hex glitters. The glitters also light up under a black light! The shreds had NO sharp edges sticking out of the polish as you might expect with shreds, although I was careful to keep them from sticking off the edge of my nail.

I must say the base suspends the larger glitter rather excellent, I didn't have to fish! That makes me a happy camper :D
This polish is so smooth that it made cleanup a breeze. It's thinner when it dries than when you've just applied it, but still I only had to use two thin coats to reach opacity! It also didn't have any bubbles!

The shimmer is more obvious in the bottle, but if you look closely, you can see a little bit of the shimmer on the nail as well. It gives the polish a very delicate look.
I wanted to give you a good look at the shimmer but it was so hard to get on camera! This little macro shot is doing the best it can to show you. It's pretty though, isn't it? And the black shreds really do a good job too! They get a lot of depth as they are more or less submersed in the polish.
Nail art time! Just For Fun deserves something fun! I actually did three designs before this but none of them seemed right, or pretty, or fitting the name. Then I thought of the party in the box, so I made it into a little celebration!

There's one more thing I have to tell you about this polish, it's very important.... I have to tell you how much I love Just For Fun! I love the contrast of colors, and the application, and I love that Samantha sent me this polish!


Glacier is a icy super light blue, almost white, with a blue greenish shimmer. If white and blue had a baby together, it would be this color! There's aqua hex glitters in this polish, as well as iridescent smaller hex glitter.

The shimmer is very visible in the bottle, but it takes some good detective work to find it on the nail. It's really pretty though, like tiny glass flecks that flash blue and green and even a little bit purple sometimes.

Glacier is opaque in two coats, with thin coats you might need three.
The iridescent hex glitter tends to blend in with the polish, making it look bumpy. Actually, it reminded me a little of handmade whipped cream while I was applying it. The bumpy look is also caused by the super smoothness of this polish and because of how thin it becomes when dry. But that's really no reason to love Glacier any less because...
... with a top coat, there's no more bumpiness! It also boosts the shimmer a lot. This polish is sooo getting me into the mood for winter! Snow flakes falling from the sky, piggin' out under a warm blanket on the couch and pretty candles when it gets dark at night. Anybody else wanting winter to hurry up and get here?

Macro shot! I like how some of the glitter is covered in polish, it gives it more depth. You can also see the shimmer around the light reflection.
Speaking of winter, I made a glacier too... Glacier is a really cool background for my painted glacier. My glacier also has the exact color of the large aqua hex glitters. It's a polish I got from Hanne. I just told her last week that I don't get to use them often, but they'll be there when I need them. And this was the perfect occasion!

Like what you see? Then head on over to the Gothic Gala Lacquers Etsy shop and buy these pretties! You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with sneak peeks, discounts, releases and lots more fun stuff. She has more amazing polishes in her shop, Accio Lacquer wrote a glowing review of Lolita's Gown, Sinderella's Slipper and Welcome to the Ball. Read it, you'll love them (and the writer, too!). Lots of thanks to Samantha that I got to play with her polishes, they have become a much beloved part of my stash! Actually, they are a bit spoiled, having their own display....

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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