Friday, October 4, 2013

My prize from Wonder Beauty Products!

Sometimes you win, and most times you don't. But when I win a prize, I'm sure to jump through the roof! I've been participating in the Wonder Beauty Products daily giveway for a short while and I check it every day. Then, suddenly, my own pic appeared and I won a mystery box filled with polish goodies!

Here's the pic of my box right after I opened it (and removed the protective packaging). I received:
- Three SuperChic Laquers (LOVE these unique bottles!)
- Holographic pigment for polish mixing
- A heart shaped ring (very pretty)
- Super cute pumpkin glitter
- American candy!!! I've never had a Tootsie roll before but I've heard so much about them!

I swatched my polishes right away! I'll show you Mink, Funnel Cloud and Enchanted Slippers and do a little review while I'm at it. The pics with the white background are taken in indirect sunlight and the black background indicates my light box.

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Say hi to Mink! It's a dark grey scattered holo polish. It looks awesome, especially under a bright light. The holo gives it a luxurious look, like granite, very pretty! Just don't think too much about kitchen counters while you're wearing it.

It's also great to work with and not a pain to clean up. It could reach opacity with one coat, but I chose to use two thinner coats. Dry time is excellent! Very nice, I love fast drying polish <3
I love these bottles, they're square at the bottom but get sort of a diamond shape upwards.

Mink is lovely in the sunlight, this isn't even direct sunlight and you can see a bit of the rainbow effect.

Funnel Cloud Don't you just love this pic? I think I have great hands! I've always loved my hands and my nails, even before I started wearing nail polish. I have naturally strong nails, they never break or tear, and they grow super fast. Okay, drool fest is over, on to the next polish!

And here we have Funnel Cloud! This polish is part of the Tornado Alley collection for Fall 2013 and inspired by, well... a funnel cloud. It's a light grey-blue polish with copper glitters in different sizes. The Tornado Alley collection was released on my birthday, September 1st!

I didn't like any of my light box pictures so I didn't include those. My pics in natural light are pretty too so I hope you like them!

I used two coats and a top coat. No problems with this formula either and the polish was nice and smooooooth. Again, very good drying time!

If you had asked me if I would match greyish blue with copper, I'd surely have said no. But combined with the name, it calls to mind a vision of a raging twister with pieces of wreckage hurling through the funnel. I love the inspiration for this collection, although maybe the people in Tornade Alley might want to stake me for saying that. I'm sorry! We don't have tornados in the Netherlands so I've never had to be afraid of them.

The copper has a pinkish hue in between all that blue (YAY that rhymes!). Those glitters need a bit of guidance, they stick out easily over the edge of the nail but just carefully push them back onto the nail and you'll be fine.

Enchanted Slippers

Lastly, we have Enchanted Slippers. Can you tell this is my favorite? It's also the hardest to photograph! I don't really like my natural light pics of this polish, but I included them anyway, because they do show the redness of this polish.

Enchanted Slippers is a red jelly polish with crimson and ruby glitters in different sizes. I needed three coats and I could still see something resembling my visible nail line. Only barely though.

I don't want to sound like a broken record but MAN these polishes dry fast! I polish my pinkie first and that was already dry and even dent proof when I was four fingers down.

The name Enchanted Slippers is a Wizard of Oz reference, I'm guessing. I don't know who wouldn't have heard of Dorothy's slippers but if you don't get it, watch the 1936 original with Judy Garland.
I think this may be my favorite picture of this polish. It's a really deep, vibrant red color. My dad's favorite color is red so he wouldn't let me take it off *le sigh*
And with this last pic, we've come to the end of my review. Ahhw don't be sad now! There's plenty more blog posts to come!

I want to say a huge thank you to Jen from Wonder Beauty Products for being SO sweet to me, I was kind of a pain in her butt but she really didn't mind and packed my prize with love and care! I highly recommend that you get some of her polishes!

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