Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sea floor nail art

Hi y'all! (Sorry I have a southern accent stuck in my head LOL) I was wearing one of my birthday polishes, Picture Polish Ocean, when I saw a lovely design @madamluck had made with it (see it HERE). She is absolutely AMAZING with her acrylic paint, and I loved the sea floor idea so I tried my hand at it!

Mine turned out a litle bit childish, but I love how detailed my sea horse and my crab are! These are all hand painted with actual polish, I used Zoya Godiva for the sand because it made for an awesome sand effect. I used a lot of my Bondi polishes too, I just received Chasing The Sun as a prize last week so that's what I used for my crab. I call him Sebastian <3

I made a turtle on my thumb and I just HAD to show you, he's so cute! He turned out really well and detailed! Unfortunately, this young lady right here forgot to sit still for two minutes to wait for her top coat to dry *deep sigh* I jumped up, ran to my light box and totally smudged his little tail end...

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