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Hop over to the second part of my GlitterBunny review

Welcome to part two of my review of four ah-MAH-zing GlitterBunny polishes. These are, as the name says, full of gorgeous glitter and I'm just completely in love with them! Lookie lookie here and also check out my other half of the review!

GlitterBunny Polish is an indie brand from Israel. Nicole, the maker of these beauties, is SUCH a sweetie! I swear you won't be disappointed when you purchase from her. I love that the polishes are 5-free and they are cruelty free. Plus, she ships to everywhere around the world for only $4,50! The polishes are simply amazing, and if my promise to you isn't enough, I'll show you just how perfect they are. I've split up my review into two parts due to how many pictures I have of these. I couldn't pick, they're all gorgeous.

I received I Got A Goodie BagLittle Pink DressDon't Be Such A Guppy and Part Of That World. I reviewed the first two yesterday, I'm continuing my review with Don't Be Such A Guppy and Part Of That World! The photos with the white background are taken in daylight near a window, the black background is in my studio.

The bottles are the usual round 15ml/0,5fl.oz size with the nice flat brush that I love so much. The name is on a label on the bottom (don't turn it upside down with the cap off!). There's something that surprised me, and that is that the polish smells... well... actually pretty good. It's not scented, it's a very obvious nail polish smell, but it doesn't smell as harsh as certain main stream brands. I've noticed some other indies have this smell too, and it's the smell of home to me. Okay, gushy mode *off* and let's hop to it!

Don't Be Such A Guppy

Ahhhh look how pretty! This is Don't Be Such A Guppy over a light blue Hema polish. I used it as a glitter gradient because I liked that so much better than just layering it over the blue and I wanted to show you this possibility!

This is a glitter topper, as you can see, it's all kinds of teal glitter in a clear base. There are medium sized squares and hex glitters in the mix, as well as smaller teal holographic glitters that I really really REALLY like! This polish is just SO my style, I love it!

It applies smoothly and I didn't have any trouble getting a nice mix of glitters on my brush without fishing. And did I mention how SUPER well this formula suspends the glitter? There's no shaking, rolling or fishing, I didn't have to do any of that while playing with the GlitterBunny polishes! That's just amazing, and it says a lot about the quality of the polish that it didn't feel thick while applying it.
Don't Be Such A Guppy looks gorgeous over light colors that make the teal glitter pop, as well as dark colors that highlight the gorgeous holo glitter <3 It's a polish that can be used in so many ways, it doesn't even look like the same polish! Wait, I'll show you...
... but first a macro shot of the bottle. The small teal glitter is holographic, you can see that more clearly in my swatch pics. Right smack dab in the middle of my pic is a large square showing in all of its glory! I think he came out of hiding especially for you guys, he's proud like that. Yes that's right, I attribute personality traits to inanimate objects. That's just how I am :-p
And here's the kicker! It's also really really gorgeous over a dark blue polish! I've layered it over HerĂ´me Lisbon, and it shows the holographic glitter perfectly. The teal glitter really pops on this dark color!
There's more holographic goodness visible in this picture, most of it's on my ring finger.

WARNING: hazardous polish, you run a serious risk of a persistant case of staring-at-your-nails-all-day!

Turning and turning my nails in different lighting makes what I like so much about this polish. It's never exactly the same because the glitters catch the light differently. I found myself making patterns with the glitters that lit up, connecting the dots like you do with stars (or am I the only one who does that?). Well, I'm also the nut who draws mental lines between furniture and stuff so don't mind me...

I'm sorry, I just could help myself. Any polish with something as cute as a guppy in the name neede some nail art. I kept it simple and cute, just a bunch of guppies swimming after each other's tails.

Part Of That World

Ahhwww we've come to the last GlitterBunny Polish already... *sad face* But don't be disappointed! This one is a zinger for sure!

Part Of That World is inspired by, well... a song. A really good song. One of my FAVORITE Disney songs, from the movie The Little Mermaid. It's when Ariel sings about wanting to go on land, because she's always been intrigued by the people and their way of living, that's very different from the merpeople's ways. Did I use that word correctly, merpeople? You have mermaids, mermen and... ah, never mind.
Oops oh yeah, the polish! Part Of That World is a dark dark blue, almost black jelly polish. There's purple and blue square glitter in the mix, I think there's also a shimmery sort of magic in it because it has this glow... like when you look too deep into the ocean and almost fall in, you know?

This one is a bit of a challenge. It can be quite tricky to apply because of the glitter, I had some bits stick out at the sides and when the polish had dried, they wouldn't budge. While cleaning up the edges, my polish remover made the glitter silver, making them stand out even more! I ended up re-applying the polish and taking new swatch pics, which I was going to do anyways because I didn't like my first batch of swatch pics that much. I just didn't have that 'connection' with them.
Despite of that, all you need is a bit of extra attention while applying it. Make sure to push the glitter into the polish if it's sticking out at the sides, it should be fine. I only needed two coats to reach opacity and they weren't even thick coats! That's what I like to see in a polish *high five*

I used top coat, as I did with all of my other swatches as well, to give it a nice smooth shiny look. Nicole actually advises this on her website's FAQ! Always read the website before ordering, it might give you very valuable tips to get the most out of your polish!
I got the great idea to mattify Part Of That World to make the glitter stand out more (yes I know, I'm a genius), and WOW! If it wasn't stunning enough before, this makes it look even more amazing! I LOVE this look!
That's the last of the gorgeous GlitterBunny Polish beauties I have to share with you! Don't forget to check out the other half of my review! Visit the GlitterBunny Polish Big Cartel store to find and purchase these polishes and so many more. Full sized bottles of 15ml/0,5fl.oz. are $10 each, except for Rainbows On Crack which is holographic and is sold for $11,50. You can also find GlitterBunny Polish on Facebook to keep up with special promotions and beautiful swatches!

Thank you SOOOO much Nicole, for being super sweet to me and for sending me some of your polishes that are clearly so close to your heart. I absolutely adored playing with them and making my swatches for you! They have a great home with me!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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