Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bye bye mister mailman!

Today, I'll see my regular mail man for the last time *crowd goes: ahhhwwww*

He has a new job from November 1st. I've done quite some online shopping over the last few months and, well, he's the guy that has kept me sane. He kept me supplied with polish. There were weeks when he came by EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yeah I know that's bad!

Here are some of the coolest things he has brought me in the last 2 months:

Two and a half years ago, he backed into my dad's car. That was the moment when our mailman became more familiar to us. You know, without him, I couldn't have kept my blog up and running with all the pretty pretty polishes to show you. Sure, someone else would have brought the packages, but my Autism liked seeing the same face and the same van every time and I'll have a hard time getting used to anyone else.

This feeling will be familiar to most of you: you're expecting a package. You know it will be delivered some time in the afternoon, but you're not sure when. So you check the clock, and check it again, and your eyes flash to every white van that drives through your street. Then finally it's the right van so you jump up and you run to the door and... you stand there for a couple of minutes while the guy tries to find your package in the back of his van. This mailman knew I'd be watching so he didn't even ring the doorbell anymore if he had seen me lurking, I'd be at the door before he was.

Not familiar to you? Then you shouldn't be here! Go hide in a corner somewhere...

Ofcourse, dork that I am, I thought my last package before November was delivered last week, so I gave him a card to thank him. ...What? I'm nice like that!

Okay, I guess I just wanna say: Be nice to your mailman/woman, wherever in the world you may be!

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