Monday, November 4, 2013

Say hello to PiggieLuv!!!

Hello my dear fans, friends & followers... the time has come! We say goodbye to Fratselarius because come on... who could pronounce that silly name? Now is the time for PiggieLuv to shine!

Say goodbye to this:

And hello to this:

What do you say? Better?

I'll explain the name again real quick: there once was a pig from Nantucket... No, just kidding!

Years ago, way back when, I got a little pig figurine from someone who has helped me a lot in my life. That piggie went everywhere with me and I even took it with me on vacation. I made a little comic book with him as the hero. I called him PiggieLuv (because of his hearts). Then, also a while back, I traced his full figure in Illustrator and immortalized my dear PiggieLuv. He has been my blog's logo for almost a year now and I've gotten so attached to seeing his little fat face every time I log in. I was looking for a new, better blog name and here it is! My PiggieLuv has once again helped me to find my path.

I hope you'll love PiggieLuv as much as I do. Feel free to share your opinion on the new look & name!

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