Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Picture Polish Shy Violet for National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Hey all! I have a pretty pretty to share today, I bought it using my birthday money and I have some gorgeous pictures for you! Picture Polish Shy Violet is a somewhat newer shade, it was released about three months ago I think, and my favorite Dutch stockist Pretty Polish had it in stock super fast! So I spent my birthday gift cards on this pretty baby. I also bought Ocean and Peaches 'n Cream, I'll show you those another time.

Today, I want to spread awareness about epilepsy. It's National Epilepsy Awareness Month in the US, and one of my dear blogger friends Melanie has first hand experience with epilepsy and the damage it can cause to the human brain. She can tell you more about it on her blog, Melanie's Fancies.  Go visit, she's a sweetie!

For this special occasion, it's time for this shy lady to shine! She's SO gorgeous, she has the most beautiful purple shade that I just love, and there are holographic micro flakes in the mix. They catch the light beautifully and give the polish amazing depth.
Shy Violet is a jelly polish, it doesn't have great coverage so I used two coats of HerĂ´me Dakar as a base color. Then I applied two coats of Shy Violet, followed by my very favorite Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat (if I could, I would marry that top coat and have babies with it!).
Wow, I am just loving my pictures over here! Anyone else having some drooling issues? This new light box setup is helping me so much, I love it :D

As with any of the Picture Polish shades, you can't help but love this little lady. All of their polishes are smooth, super good quality, dry fast and they are absolutely gorgeous. I'm a fan!

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