Sunday, November 24, 2013

Look out, it's the cutest ratty in the world!

Hey guys! Just a quick post while I'm recovering from my surgery (I know, I can't stay away from my blog) and this time, I'm showing you my little Aramis! I was letting them free range in my room the other day, as I do every night after dinner, and I had a bowl of cucumber slices on my desk to feed to them. Aramis jumped on the couch, ran over to my desk and grabbed a slice of cucumber. He sat there and ate it like this:

Isn't he just adorable? I put this picture on Instagram and got an overwhelming amount of likes and comments! His little hands are just perfect, and you can even see his mouth open a little bit from nomming <3 Who could be scared of this fella?

Click read more to see some more pictures!

A couple days before this, I got to the cage just before bedtime and mister Aramis was lounging in a hammock like this:

I mean... come on... Look at those ears, and that mouth. He's such a little idiot <3

And I guess they missed me, because I opened the door this morning and they all came tumbling out. Within seconds, I had five fat rats on my lap!

P.S. My surgery went fine, no complications. Apparently I'm a happy drunk, because when I was just waking up from the anesthesia, I kept telling everyone how sweet they were and how well they were taking care of me. I fell asleep in the car a couple of times on the way back home, but in between I turned around to my mom and told her she was so nice, and looked at my dad and said thank you :-p The hospital personnel thought I was so cute! I remember nothing of this...
I had a painful throat for a couple of days from the intubation tube, but I'm already out of bed and doing some stuff on the laptop, so I expect to be back to blogging soon! Thanks for sticking with me!

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