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Wingin' It will make you fly high!

Welcome, welcome! Step up to see the show! I'm sharing my swatches of some beautiful Wingin' It Lacquers today!

I received one full sized bottle of what I *think* is Burning Leaves (there was no label on the bottle) and five minis of the polishes Liquid Silver, Electric Melon, Neptune's Revenge, Perfectly Plum and Underwater Love. These last five colors aren't available in the shop yet, but they will be soon!

I will be showing you all of these in one blog post, so it's going to be a long one but oohh!!! Look at all the pretty pictures!!! Pictures with a white background were taking in natural light, near a window, and the pictures with a black background were taken in a light box.

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Burning Leaves

First, let's take a look at Burning Leaves! This is a beautiful deep copper tone that is perfect for fall. It almost looks like a foil, it's very shiny and sparkly! I wouldn't usually go for the copper polishes but I have to admit that this looks great. Feel free to disagree, but somehow I don't think you will :-p
I only needed 2 coats of this polish to reach opacity. It goes on smooth, oh, so smooth! And no formula issues whatsoever. No bubbles, no weird stuff, just nice and easy polishing.

The copper tone shows some little golden flecks here and there, but only if you look really closely. I couldn't capture it with my camera, that's why I'm telling you. So you'd better listen!

I used a top coat to make Burning Leaves shine like a star, she tends to get dull but I wouldn't let her!
Seriously. Look at that foil like shine. Isn't that gorgeous? Don't you just wanna have kids with this color?
I liked this so much that I stamped over it with my new BM-H11 to make a nice fall design. Fall has really set in here in the Netherlands and it's raining all day today. I'm not leaving my house for anything! I did get some beautiful autumn-y photos of turning leaves and huge mushrooms. But I wish it would be springtime already!

I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons to stamp this design. Then I mattified it with Essie Matte About You. It looks so great, I love it *le sigh*
Liquid Silver

Oh my GAWD. I seriously had half a heart attack when I saw this baby appear in my package. It. Is. PERFECT! It's everything I ever wanted in a polish, it's so gorgeous! Liquid Silver, I love you!

I used two coats of this zinger over two coats of Gosh Silver. You'd need three or four coats to get it opaque but I only have a tiny mini size and I don't want to use all of it up at once. I want to save some so I can show you this over and over and ovahhh...
It goes on pretty smoothly for a glitter bomb, and the glitters spread out evenly. It has a tiny little bit of texture to it, I really didn't mind but you might want to keep a top coat at hand in case you do mind. I didn't notice a change in appearance when I added a top coat, so don't worry about that ;-)

It has micro glitter, tiny glitter, small hex glitter and tiny bar glitters, all in the pretty prety color of holographic silver, which happens to be my favorite of all the colors of the rainbow.
OMG Look at the holo-ness!!! It's so colorful! I swear, I couldn't stop looking at my nails while wearing this, I couldn't take it off!

WARNING: Serious risk of walking into a tree or getting into car accidents due to getting distracted by your nails!
Electric Melon

Did someone say neon? Neon with a shimmer, that is!

Electric Melon is a shocking orange-y pink color, not quite coral but also not orange. It is neon though, and not just a little bit. There's some blue-purplish tiny flakies in the mix that form a shimmer. It's way more obvious in the bottle than on the actual nail, which I don't mind because I'm not a big fan of this kind of shimmer. Top coat doesn't seem to bring it to the front, but it does add a nice shine to this polish.
Other than that the polish dries pretty fast (which is a very good thing!), I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about this lady. She might need three coats to reach opacity, or you could use a white coat underneath to make the neon really POP.

Note: this polish had a little adventure with my jeans... I wanted to do some nail art so I painted Electric Melon onto a zip lock bag so I could peel it off later. It had to dry first so I laid it next to me on the couch. Well, you can guess what happened... This stoopid lady *points at herself* sat in it! I found out pretty quickly so it all came out fine. This wasn't my first time being clumsy with polish, I just put some thinner on a Q-tip, wipe the polish off and then rinse it out in the washer immediately. Gone without a trace! The polish stain, not the pants...
Electric Melon dries matte, the rascal, but you can bring back that beautiful shine with just a hint of top coat. It even brings out the neon in her. 
Neptune's Revenge

LOVE that name by the way! Neptune's Revenge is a dark shimmery dusty blue that has little hints of purple to it. There are tiny glitters in the mix, I see red most prominently, but there are also dark blue ones, I think. Most of them get lost in the formula and make tiny bumps on the nail.

You can see the bumpiness pretty clearly in this picture. I didn't mind though. It only takes away from the beauty a little bit, but it also gives something else back. I'm just not sure what :-p
Perfectly Plum

Now this is one of those colors that was missing from my stash. It left a huge hole but I never knew I needed it this much! Perfectly Plum, where have you been all my life???

It's a perfect scattered holo that has an amazingly distinguished look. This would look great on women of any age, be they 7 or 70. Add some rhinestones or pearls and you would have perfection.
I love this polish! I went on smooth and I could have sufficed with only one coat, THAT's how awesome this polish is! I didn't have any dry time issues, it dried pretty fast and oh, just... perfect. I'm kinda bummed that I only have a mini. I think this polish will be used a lot for different occassions.
Did I mention how much I love this color? Oh yeah... I guess I did... Well, it's obvious that you need this polish too then!

I have a polish that would look perfect with this, I really need to try out that combo for you guys. It's a granite scattered holo polish and that one with Perfectly Plum would just be a match made in heaven <3
Underwater Love

In the spirit of honesty (which always comes first in my reviews) I have to tell you that I had some trouble with this polish. The larger dark blue glitter has some curling issues. One of the glitters fit the curve of my nail perfectly, but some others stuck out and three coats of polish didn't fix it. I contacted the owner of Wingin' It and she's looking into it. Now onto the review!

Underwater Love is a little bit hard to apply with all the large glitters, but I promise it's worth it. After applying one coat, it seemed like I would have a hard time reaching opacity but I was already there with the next coat. Very good ;-)
It's definitely sea toned which makes the name fit perfectly. I'm not sure if it's my kind of color, but come on... you can't deny those glitters! There are large round holo glitters in a pretty teal color in the mix, and we all know how much I love my holos... I'm also seeing smaller soft pink & teal round glittahs, even smaller square glitters in the same colors and then some tiny ones in different shapes & colors. They are what makes this polish special. 

And that's all folks! All 6 beauties wrapped up in one blog post. I hope you enjoyed watching & reading!

Visit the Wingin' It Lacquer Etsy store or the Big Cartel store to find and purchase these polishes. Keep in mind that Falling Leaves is the only one available at this time, along with many other gorgeous creations that I didn't review today. Full sized bottles of 15ml/0,5fl.oz. are $9 each. You can also follow Wingin' It lacquer on Facebook to keep up with special promotions and new releases, and she's also on Pinterest where you can find pretty pretty swatches!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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