Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mailbox surprise! It's Polish Alcoholic!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! You HAVE to come see this!!!

I found THIS in my mailbox today!

*arms flailing everywhere*

I was feeling crappy because I went out for the first time since my surgery and I got really dizzy and lightheaded, but this made my whole day look so much brighter :D

Sabrina, the super awesome brain behind Polish Alcoholic, sent me this beautiful polish called 00:00 to cheer me up. She heard about my surgery and knew I liked this polish immensely so, crazy sweet lady that she is, she surprised me with it <3

Thank you SO much Sabrina, I really can't tell you how much this means to me! Really, I can't. There's not a word in existence yet but I promise I will invent it.
Whooooooooow look at those sparkles! There are holographic silver stars and moons in this mix that are held up perfectly, no sinking! There's also a whole crapload of holographic hex glitter in there and I think there's also Spectraflair. I am a HUGE fan of glitter toppers with Spectraflair in them! Huge I tell ya!
Oh. Perfection.

Now, I need to tell you something really urgent. Sabrina's polishes are made in single batches, which makes them all limited edition. If you want to get your grabby hands all over this one, you need to act NOW. Visit her shop and order it! Go on, you know you rlly rlly rlly want to!

She ships worldwide, and the polishes are packed really snugly with foam peanuts in the envelope, so don't worry! Just be really happy :D
I like my fingers in this picture! Hahahahaha

Seriously, smile from ear to ear on my face right now. I think I should have layered it over a different color though, I think it could be even prettier. Could it? Really? I HAVE to try it out over different colors and report back to you!
And this picture was taken from a different angle, because holo glitters are a bit shy and they only show themselves in lighting from the side. Please ignore my fingers looking all weird and glowy. Just look at the polish. That's right, good, now you're doing it.
See that holo? See that sparkle? THAT's what I'm talking about! This polish was named after that moment at New Year's when the clock strikes midnight, and you know it's a new year.

Sabrina, thank you again for surprising me. It really means SO much to me, just count the exclamation marks in this blog post....

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