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Messy Mansion stamping plates MM14 & MM18 (warning: super prettiness!)

Good day to you all! I am SO excited about what I have to share with you today! I had the immense honor of receiving two amazing Messy Mansion stamping plates for review. Some of my very BEST photos are in this review, so I hope you read with as much fun as I had preparing it for you!

Messy Mansion is an Australia based company owned by Julia McGowan. She sells stamping plates of her own design, as well as plates from several other brands. She also has stamping supplies like polishes & stampers. Messy Mansion sells an awesome soft square stamper that I think everybody needs!

I received plate MM14 and MM18. There was also a business card included in my package and a magnet. Is this an Australian thing? I LOVE magnets, they all go on my radiator, I have quite a collection already. I was just wondering, because I got magnets in some of my Australian nail mail before, but never from other countries. Keep them coming, Aussie ladies!

Enough of my babbling, let's look at the plates!
Messy Mansion plate MM14 is the 'bird plate'. It has images of cages, birds on wires, birds on branches and flying birds that I think are swallows (we have a lot of those here!). There are also full nail images of a feather pattern and peacock feathers. I really like this plate!

I love how these plates all have a theme!
Messy Mansion plate MM18 is kind of a French baroque theme, with frilly images and some honey bees. This was more of a challenge for me, because these aren't usually the images I go for.

The quality of these plates is great. I can talk long or short about it but the bottom line is that they are just awesome. Some people might want to slap me for saying this, but I like them better than the Cheeky plates. The images are super sharp, etched deeply enough so you can use them with a regular polish and the images are HUGE! I tend to grow my nails out pretty long, so large images are a must for me. And bigger images let you move the design around, so you can create some diversity on each nail.
This first attempt with MM18 *cough don't mind the bad lighting cough* was a challenge for me! That's okay, I luuuuv challenges! I've never stamped with a design that covers multiple nails, and let me tell you, it takes some practice. I needed to re-do these a couple of times before I was even remotely happy. I used two Orly polishes, Lift The Veil for the pink base color and Rage to stamp with.
Another nice design with MM18. I'm so impressed with how these images transfer onto the nail! I used a regular OPI polish Hot & Spicey for this stamp and it worked so perfectly. I went with sort of a beehive theme, so I stamped the full nail image with the bee on the accent nail and one bee on every other nail.

I mattified this design because that's what I do. No, really. I like shimmery polishes way better when they're mattified.
I had SO much fun with this design! Have you ever stamped with just matte polish? It's a great challenge, you can't see what the frick you're doing and how you're supposed to place the stamp. Fun fun fun!

I like this design a lot, it looks amazing! The contrast between shiny and matte black gives it a very sophisticated look <3

WARNING: should you try this at home, make sure you don't watch your nails all day. Turning them towards the light and seeing the design change is very addictive and should only be done by professionals. LOL Just kidding!

I love this bird plate! The MM14 plate has so many fun images that I really love playing around with. Here I'm showing you Herôme Oslo with Herôme Dakar stamped on top. I used the image of the birds on a wire, this is a full nail image and I had plenty of room to move it around. With small nails, it's really easy to get a good placement for this image.

The birds on branches on my middle and ring finger nails are the multi-nail image that I just moved around a bit. It's awesome, because it's perfect for long nail as well as short ones. If you have short nails, just move the design move towards the edge of the nail to remove some branches, and it should fit perfectly!
Ahhh neon goodness!!! I was going for a sunset but it kinda got away from me there...

I used MM14 to make this design, the flying swallows & the separate bird cages were my little helpers. I made the background gradient with some cheap ass brandless neon glow polishes I got on eBay, they work perfectly but maybe they were a little bit too neon for this instance. ....What am I saying? There's no such thing as TOO neon!!
I just HAD to include a glow shot! You guys know by now how much I love my glow polishes, and these glow SO well! And see? You can even see the design a little bit!
Okay so this is cheating, because I already showed you this picture a couple of days ago. It's just so perfect *deep sigh* I'm really happy with my own work on this photo, and that doesn't happen very often!

I used the feather design on the MM14 plate to stamp over Hits Cutie Pie, a beautiful multichrome that I deemed perfect for an exotic bird. This one will be used OFTEN. You can make all kinds of different birds using multiple colors. *skips off to make a rainbow bird*
That's it! Those are the two plates I received. I know, I'm sad it's over too *hugs* You can always follow Messy Mansion on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see more gorgeous stamping combos, or go to the website to order some for yourself! I bet you could make some prettiness too!

Thanks Julia, for giving me the chance to play with these! I had an amazing time, best review EVER! Go on producing your beautiful plates, you have my support :D

I received all of the products in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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