Friday, November 30, 2012

Silver on pink squiggly nail art

Hey girls! It's friday and that's usually the day I show you my nail art. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and time flew by, so when I got to do my nails, there was only about two hours left before bedtime. A bit short for nail art, if you don't want to get sheet imprints in your top coat at least.

I haven't shown you this nail polish before. I got it as a present and it's called Pink me up! by H&M. It's soooo pretty! I didn't even know how shimmery until it was on my nails. And this is NO clean up. At all! I think it turned out great.

I wanted some quick & easy nail art and this is what I came up with. I made purple seaweed/fire before, and I LOVED it! So I started with the pink, made some lilac squigglies (I love that word), those are barely visible. Then I wanted to add some lines with Fantasy Fire, you know, because it's my new baby.... but it turned out too dark for my taste. It did sparkle nicely, so that gave me an idea. At first I was thinking white, but that wouldn't have been as nice as these silver lines! My Gosh Silver is just beautiful, and it finishes the whole design, I think. It's not too flashy, but still bright enough to fit my personality. Maybe boyfriend will like? Naaahhh I don't think so :-p

I'm sorry for the limited number of pics but blogger started to complain about my storage being full, so I'd have to pay or delete older posts. Or, I'd have to resize all of my pics and place them back but with over 200 blog posts, I don't really feel like doing that. Although it would give me the chance to watermark my pics, because up until now I've been too lazy. Does anybody have any tips that would save me money and time?

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