Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowflakes on a gradient nail art

Hey pretties! I hope you all had a good Christmas! Phew! I've been so super busy, but I'm here now, showing you the nail art I've been sporting since Tuesday. Yup, I painted my nails on Christmas day. It was awesome :D

The gradient is made with Essie's Blanc with Essie's Lapiz of Luxury sponged on it. I dipped the tips in some craft glitter I had laying around. I needed some heavy top coating to get it smooth but it worked fine, and I painted some cute snowflakes on top of the gradient. Sometimes, when I have my doubts about the color, I use the facts that I have two different hands to my advantage :-p I just used white on my left hand and silver on my right. Guess I was right to use white on my 'photograph-hand' because it turned out better, in my opinion.

I'm very happy with this nail art. Maybe the strokes didn't come out perfect but I'm in love with it :D Thanks for watching!

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