Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Freehand 'Path to serenity' nail art

It's been a while since I did a fine art recreation like this! The original painting is by a Russian artist called Elena Samarskaya. It's actually called 'Picture Morning' but I'm calling mine 'Path to serenity' because it suits it so well, and it feels nice in my mouth :-p I actually managed to record a video tutorial for this, so click to see more!

My babe @bombchelenails asked me to do a kind of guest post on her Instagram. She has a wonderful project set up to support freehand nail artists, so she asked me to show her followers something and write a few words.

Like always, I used acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush on top of a base of OPI Alpine Snow, mattified with their matte top coat.

And STILL I think my trees look messy, it's all not detailed enough and the colors are all wrong. From a distance it looks okay but I want it to look amazing up close too!

This bridge looks pretty cool though, it was the easiest and most fun to paint out of the full 5 hour project (and that doesn't include base color, just the painting part). I love having manmade structures in my landscapes. I think it makes a nice contrast between the green, organic kind of painting and the straight lines that come with painting buildings.
I've tried making the video tutorial a bit longer and slower this time. A few people have asked me to slow down my videos but I also know that other people will quit watching if they get to slow and long, and therefor too boring. Another problem I have is that my ancient laptop overheats when it has to render a video, and my usual 1 - 4 minutes is already pretty taxing on the old thing. It takes HOURS to render a 3 minute video and in that time, I can't use my laptop at all.

Please also note that my tutorials are never as detailed (or good) as the real thing, because I look at my nail from a different angle, I have to paint at a different angle due to the camera being in the way, and the lighting is different so colors change. Oh and my camera overheats too, so I have to hurry up :-p

Music is "Silver Blue Light" by Kevin MacLeod
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