Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Freehand ballet shoes nail art

Did you know I used to dance on these? That was a loooong time ago though. And in Dutch we call them spitzen. Aaanyways, I have a video tutorial for this design so click to see more!

I painted the design with acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush. I think I used 6 different colors of acrylic paint? I mix up a lot of 'in between' colors so eventually I have many different shades. It's what I like so much about acrylic paint!
This base polish I used is piCture pOlish Gelato. I got it for my birthday and usually this peachy salmon color isn't really my style, but I quite like it with this girly design! I'll probably be using Gelato more often in gradients paired with other PP's because wow, those babies are awesome for gradients!

Music is "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Kevin MacLeod

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