Friday, February 19, 2016

Furry monsters nail art for fun!!!

This nail art makes me giggle SO HARD!!! My 3D troll doll nails were featured in an article on BoredPanda and some people felt it necessary to hate on unusual nail art like that. So I made these to tell them: You'll never get me down!!! :D Click to see more!

I used water soluble glue to attach the feathers & eyes because it doesn't leave stains on the down feathers. It won't hold up for long though :-p
I found these down ribbons a while ago in a floral decorating section in a local gardening center. They come on a roll and they are SO festive! This is the first time I'm using them on nails though, I lllllllike it!

These are just for fun, NOT meant for actual wear. So yes, I know they are super impractical. The video is meant for your (and mine) entertainment and not directly meant as a tutorial (although you're welcome to recreate it if you'd like!).

Music is "You So Zany" by Audionautix
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