Wednesday, August 31, 2016

27 random facts about me

Tomorrow is my birthday so I thought I'd get personal and tell you all some more about myself, other than the well-known or nail related facts! Click to see the list!

1. I'm tiny! I weigh 42 kilos, but I'm healthy as a horse :D
2. I'm Dutch, born and raised, despite what my name might imply
3. I used to hate my name but now I like it and how unique it is
4. When I was little I used to stomp around like an elephant so my grandma made me take ballet lessons
5. I don't like to go on vacation. AT ALL.
6. I'm a perfectionist and will blame myself for everything, even if people insist it's not my fault

7. I suffered from scoliosis in my teen years
8. I have a thing with words, my dad always says they're the best toys because you never have to clean them up
9. I tend to pick up languages quickly
10. I remember what it was like to 'dial in' when connecting to the internet (and the 'grabby' sound so you knew it was connecting)
11. I walk on my toes sometimes, apparently it looks weird but I don't always know I'm doing it

12. I make everything a competition, even when other people don't know that it's a competition. Like being the first up the stairs (I know, it's sick :-p)
13. Social media and I have a love/hate relationship
14. I get really nervous in the company of people I don't know very well, so I either go quiet or stumble over my words
15. I'm a stickler for correct grammar & spelling

16. I'm also a stickler for fairness & equality
17. I have the craziest, most detailed dreams and sometimes they serve as inspiration for nail art
18. I never post pics of myself on the internet. I don't like how I look and I feel super uncomfortable showing my face.
19. I've had 15 rats, 10 gerbils, 4 mice, a hamster, a bunny, a parrot, a duck (yes really) and a whole lot of fish.
20. I have a degree in graphic design
21. I sing in the shower

22. I've only ever had 2 steady, long term boyfriends and have been single for over 3,5 years. My first boyfriend is still one of my best friends!
23. I don't have piercings, tattoos or even my ears pierced. I've also never dyed my hair. I'm too chicken for all those things.
24. I did the whole internet dating thing, didn't find 'the one' but got a great guy friend out of it :D
25. I have hypermobility (meaning my joints bend more than normal) but it doesn't bother me so much
26. I stress out about the tiniest things and my head always makes it seem like the end of the world
27. I feel old.

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