Friday, December 23, 2016

Parrot Polish Take Me To The Mountains collection swatches & review

Take a little stroll with me through the beautiful nature that the North American continent has to offer! This collection by Parrot Polish consists of 6 shades to represent mountain ranges across the US, with all the shimmer and shine that you might expect from National Parks and other feats of nature.

Being Dutch, I feel wholly inadequate to talk about American geography but I have read up on these mountain ranges and will try to include some bits here and there. Let's put on our hiking boots and start this tour!

Brooks Range is a mountain range way up in Alaska. It's pretty cold here throughout the year and stays chilly even in summer. A shimmery purple fits with the name, and I used 2 coats to reach opacity, finished with a top coat. It's really a sweet kind of purple with slight pink undertones!

Cascade Range is a light blue shimmer that reminds me of ice. This is two coats plus top coat. I had some trouble with this one, as you may be able to tell from the pictures. I've had this polish for about 2 months now and I noticed some separation immediately. There was pigment sinking. Now, 2 months later, it has gotten pretty bad, to the point of shimmer sticking in clumps to the brush. This made it hard to apply the polish evenly, which led to bubbles. Also, I noticed that the color is different from other swatches and even my own images from 2 months ago.

I asked the maker about this, and his explanation was that it was probably an excess of shimmer pigment that sunk and caused the problems. Other batches shouldn't have this issue.

Rocky Mountain High is actually a song by John Denver, it's about Colorado and the amazing feelings of peace and tranquility, yet also excitement and elation, that vast areas of nature can elicit. I do feel a little bit 'high' looking at this polish, or maybe that's just the fumes :-p I needed 2 coats for opacity and finished with a top coat. I love how it has sort of a cold metal feel to it!

Although it is named after its snowy mountains, Sierra Nevada is also rich in lush forest areas and lively plains. I think that's what this polish is trying to tap into. I used 2 coats and a top coat, and it reminds me so much of another Parrot Polish I have, called Grinch Glow.

Dakotas is probably my favorite of this collection. It's like a gunmetal kind of shimmery black and the best thing is... it's a one coater! I always love the way black looks on me, even though I generally prefer lighter shades... it's just... the microscopic flecks make it so versatile. You really can't go wrong with a good black!

Lastly, we have the Great Smoky Mountains, also called the Smokies. It is named so because of the frequent fog, caused by plant vapors. But back to the polish at hand! Pardon the pun... And yes, this is another one coater! I only needed one smooth coat to reach opacity and topped it off with a coat of top coat. It's a very fall-like color, as proven by my autumn squirrel nail art.

And that's all of them already! A little birdie told me that they won't be available for much longer... so if you see something you like, better to act quickly! And also, follow Parrot Polish on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with swatches, releases, and other fun shenanigans!

Thanks so much for reading/taking a quick look and may I take this opportunity to say Happy freaking Holidays to all you love birds! <3 <3

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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