Friday, February 17, 2017

Parrot Polish Welcome to the Jungle swatches & review

Holy neon do I have something bright for you today! The Parrot Polish Welcome to the Jungle collection is so bright, it will make your corneas hurt! No not really... the camera picks it up badly, so when you see them, dial it up a notch in your mind. A big thanks to Marzipany for putting together this collage, that I am lazily using now!

All pictures are taken on a gloomy day, since that seems to work best for neons. It makes my skin look weird but don't worry, I'm still perfectly healthy and not turning into a zombie (yet)! None of them have a white base, but are painted onto my natural nails. Also, I have to warn you that while these DO glow under a blacklight/UV light, they DO NOT glow in the dark. Turn all your lights off and you'll be stuck trying to find your way back to the switch because your nails can't help ya!

OK now that we have set a baseline, come a little closer and look at these polishes!

Our first victim sure has a BITE! Piranha Pink, is a nice highlighter pink that brings to mind summer fruits and overly sweet drinks. All of these neons are way more opaque than what I'm used to from neons, without becoming harder to use. Piranha Pink was opaque in two smooth coats, and though it dries to a semi matte finish (kind of like... plastic?) I used a top coat to bring it to that glass-like shine.

Bloom Tarantula Purple is the most gorgeous shade of purple. Ever. I could drown in this stuff and not even be sad that I had to go so young :-p The shimmer makes it shine and gives it depth, and the smoothness.... ahh the smoothness. I used 2 coats to bring you this heavenly result, with a top coat on top. It doesn't shine as brightly under a blacklight as the others though, that's just a quirk of purple neons.

Hang on to your hats for Baboon Blue! This may be one of the brightest blues I have ever seen, and I LOVE IT! It also lights up really well under the blacklight and has a buttery smooth application. I used 2 coats to reach full opacity, with a top coat on top. A happy shade for a happy day!

Gecko Green? Yes please! How can anyone live without a neon green? Bright, happy green is probably my favorite color, sharing first place with just about any kind of pink, and Gecko Green just plays right into that fact. It lifts my spirits and makes me feel alive! I applied 2 coats of yummedeyummy goodness, added a top coat, and then swooned over the deliciousness of this shade, and its shimmer.

This sneaky son of a snake is called Pit Viper Yellow. Be careful because it jumps right out at ya! I needed three coats which is a little bit more than the others, but neon yellow is a notoriously sheer shade. The first coat went on a little streaky and then it came together nicely, no application problems whatsoever! And look at those blacklight pics!!!

Orangutan Orange, also known as 'ow ow my eyes', might just be the brightest in the bunch! The photos absolutely don't do it justice. I lights up awesomely under a blacklight but also seems to be glowing in normal lighting as well, it's so happy! I used 2 coats but it might border on 3 for opacity.

Aaaand if you've made it this far, might as well take a short 23 second look at the glowy namesakes of these polishes:

That's all, folks! If your fingers have started to itch and you want to get your hands on some (or all!) of these yourself, take a gander over to the Parrot Polish website to enjoy worldwide shipping and top notch customer service. Seriously, I don't know if they ever sleep at all.

You'll also want to check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new releases, gorgeous swatches and fun shenanigans!

Thanks so much for watching & reading, I really hope you enjoyed it!! 

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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