Friday, March 17, 2017

SuperChic Lacquer Cupid's Bow collection swatches & review

Happy day to you, my dear readers! I'm showing you the Cupid's Bow collection from SuperChic Lacquer today, a wonderfully bright collection that was released for Valentine's day but also fits the springtime really well!

All of these polishes contain holographic pigment, making them flare up in rainbow colors in bright, direct lighting. I feel like there's also some magic mixed in though because I've noticed that unlike regular holos, you only need a little bit of light to see a rainbow appear. I don't know exactly what it is but I love it!

I'm showing them all with a single coat of top coat, and photographed in direct, artificial light. Usually I take my pictures in daylight, but the artificial light makes the holo stand out a lot more and to be honest, daylight here SUCKS during winter. I'm trying something new with my pictures and hand pose too, mixing it up a bit! I hope you like it! Now let's dive in!

This color makes my heart Flutter! I'm over the moon about this polish, the shade of pink, the gorgeous bright rainbow, it's all so freaking PERFECT! It has become my new go-to for when I want a fresh coat of polish but have no plans for a new design. It's also one of my new favorites because only one coat is needed for opacity! It's really smooth to apply and... well if you weren't able to tell yet, I LOVE THIS POLISH!

Swoon is the next polish in this parade of deliciousness! When I was a little girl, I would have had my whole room & wardrobe in this color if I could have. This bright kind of in your face magenta would have definitely made me 'swoon'! Ofcourse I didn't know holo back then, if it even existed. The fact that it's a one coater does nothing to elevate my excitement, which is already at maximum!

Oh my polish gods, my heart can't take this! Another stunner is Dopamine, would you LOOK at that rainbow sparkle?! I don't know what she puts in this but it's probably pure magic. Even in low lighting, the holo rainbow is visible... which means my book goes unread at night because I'm just playing around with the holo by the dim light of my reading lamp. Yeah. I'm like that. Another one coater and GAH! So smooth!

Not a fan of yellow? Pheromone will change that! I have to admit, I had my doubts about this polish. But it pulled me right in with its sunny, happy color and magical depth. It takes 1 - 2 coats for opacity, it's super smooth like butter, and oh have I mentioned how fast all of these polishes dry? They do!

Dart Thru The Heart is a soft, chic shade that looks very classy. This one was a little tricky to apply, easy to use but slightly harder to get a smooth finish. This is easily fixed with a good top coat like Marvel Liquid Macro top coat for instance! I think it's a side effect of the ultra quick drying time, so I expect that short nails will have less trouble with it than longer nails. Since it's a lighter color, you might want to apply 2 coats of this one to ensure a nicely opaque look!

Lastly, Cherub is the cherry on top! This bright red polish is seriously BRIGHT red, and the holo rainbows make it really gorgeous! It's yet another one coater, smooth like a baby's.... head. And have you ever noticed that each brand has a distinct smell? SuperChic Lacquers always give me happy vibes because of the smell. It reminds me of everything beautiful in the world, and happy painting time <3

Aaaaand that's all of them already! Six gorgeous stunners that will make your eyeballs melt and your heart explode! No wait...

They are all in stock right NOW at where you will find top notch customer service, high quality products and worldwide shipping! (haha no I'm not getting paid for this!) Also check out SuperChic Lacquer on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to stay up to date and entertained!

A big THANKS to you all for reading, and meet me back here soon for some more nail art!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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