Friday, July 7, 2017

Glitter overdose nail art

C'mon... you know you want to... all the cool kids are doin' it ;-) I'm talking about GLITTER, BABY!

Yassss!!! I used a bunch of loose holographic glitters from Twinkled T, aptly named Holowood Hills, Holondaise Sauce, Holoday Inn, Tealquila & Holobae. Gotta love the genius behind those names ;-) I applied them onto the tacky layer of a cured gel top coat, easy peasy!
I painted the black with good ol' acrylic paint, *before* adding the glitter. The whole look was inspired by a really cool body glitter/dress by @gogetglitter. Seriously, check them out. They have the weirdest, coolest body glitter pics!

It looks kind of strange on nails but also really cool in a way? I think? I'm still getting used to it :-p

I received all of the glitters from Twinkled T as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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