Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pink Gellac Starter Kit swatches & review

Happy random Thursday! I'm very happy to present to you today: a review of the Large Starter Kit from Pink Gellac! I've been playing around with actually wearing something on my nails for longer than a couple of hours (the life of a blogger, right) and contemplating wearing gel polish more often. So when I was approached by Pink Gellac, I was immediately enthusiastic and rearing to try out this new-to-me brand! Scroll down for info on the contents of the kit, my swatches, and my inner most thoughts about it all!

The Large Starter Kit is a complete kit that covers every base. It comes with a 7W lamp, primer, base coat, top coat, 4 colored gel polishes (3 of which you can select yourself), cleaning pads, remover pads, a 2-sided nail file, orange stick and a booklet with step by step instructions. That's a lot, right? But you'll love all of it and here's why:

From the first moment I received my package, I was impressed with the luxurious feel of the packaging. Then that feeling just got better and better as I enjoyed the way the gel polishes just slid onto my nails so easily and at no point in the process was I ever unsure of what to do, or felt like I was doing it wrong. I had FUN!

Besides the gel polishes, I was also very curious about the lamp. It's pretty straight forward: plug it into an outlet, flip the switch at the back (it beeps at you to let you know it's on) and then hit the silver button at the top to turn on the light. It emits a rather loud BEEP! to let you know when 30 seconds have passed. It took a little getting used to (read: annoyed me at first) but it's a handy function. It shuts off completely after a minute, which is plenty of time to ensure a nice rock hard finish of the gel polish.

The polishes themselves are all amazing, to say the least. I encountered no problems, not a single one, I swear! Application was easy and precise, and I didn't experience any pooling of the polish. They cured perfectly, to a shiny, rock hard finish, and didn't wrinkle or bubble during curing. Do note that they cure with a tacky finish, but the kit comes with a top coat that doesn't have this tacky finish, and this top coat also adds a high gloss shine. I used it as a finishing touch on each one of the swatches below, so let's go have a look!

215 Cloudy Blue is a kind of dusty periwinkle blue, this shade is neither here nor there. It has a slight inclination towards grey, which makes it a perfect muted blue. Almost comfortable looking like a warm blanket on the couch. You're seeing 2 thin coats here, and coverage is perfect! They went on smooth and soft, and the supple rounded brush makes application so easy. I love this brush!

I've dubbed 165 Champagne 'the wedding polish' in my head. It's such an elegant shade with the most subtle shimmer that reminds me of flowing organza. I could have built up several layers to reach opacity, but I really wanted to show how well it blends into skin tone with just 2 superthin coats. It's a forgiving color in the sense that the borders don't need to be perfect for it to look neat. On the other hand, the pearlescence makes each and every brush stroke visible. Be sure to apply this one carefully and finish off with a broad stroke down the middle from cuticle to tip to cover up other brush strokes

Holy raspberry deliciousness! I definitely feel like a girl wearing 182 Dynamic Pink, this happy, bright color. This shade is a little less forgiving at the cuticle line. Like any gel polish it retracts a little from the edges, it's just more visible with this color. The edges looked a lot better with a second thin coat. I'd advise really good lighting during application to make sure you really see where you're going with that amazing soft, round brush!

229 Berry Red is my favorite. Hands down. It's darker, more burgundy in some light, and then more pink looking in others. It's a color I've really been leaning towards for a long time, it's feminine and feisty and just all round gorgeous. Again, a little retraction around the edges, which is why I went for a second coat even though the first coat looked pretty opaque already. It's so, so smooth during application, absolutely a dream.

I chose this Berry Red for a full wear test, it's been on my nails for 2 days now and still looking as perfect as if it was just applied. Stay tuned and we'll see how well this one survives during my daily life in two weeks!

As if it wasn't unbelievable enough, their gel colors are 33% off right now and the L kit is even 50% off! Definitely check out the Pink Gellac website, and find them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to keep up with new sales, releases and other fun stuff ;-)

A big thanks to Pink Gellac for trusting me with their products, and ofcourse to you for sticking with me this whole article!

I received all of the products in this article as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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