Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Valentine's nails

Happy two-days-after-Valentine's-Day! I hope everyone had a lovely V-day, with lots of gifts and of course a good time with your honeys (yeah, I'm including family and friends). I didn't get a chance to post these earlier, so here they are! Four of my nail art designs for Valentine's Day.

With flash

And that's them! I like the hearts and kisses best (2nd & 3rd), because they're just so sweet and cute :D And if any of you were wondering, I sent a card to my boyfriend for V-day. It's completely our style and it makes a set with the card I sent last year. My mom had a present for me and she started making me curious two weeks before, so I arranged a cute gift for her, too. She was so surprised, it was awesome!

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