Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter wedding nails

One of my friends got married! Actually married :D She looked BEAUTIFUL and I'm really jealous in a positive way :) She's been with her boyfriend (now husband) for over 8 years and they're so pretty together. I'm really proud of her!

Anyway, I was invited and I can't help but match my nails to my outfit. I was wearing a hot pink skirt so I chose the same shade for my nails. Her biggest wish for her wedding was to have snow, and her wish came true! It made it kinda cold for me in my heels and skirt, but she got her snowy dream wedding and I had a theme for my nails.

I'm sorry for the terrible chip and the tipwear, I only got time for pics after 3 days because boyfriend was staying over. He went with me to the wedding and it was SO romantic!

I stamped the snowflakes using plate HB23. The glitters are Sally Hansen Lady Luck!

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