Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mah Girly Bits haz arrived! Part 1

Hello my sweeties, and welcome to the first part of my Girly Bits swatches! I've been eyeballing some of these polishes for what seems like forever, and now it was my opinion that I deserved a little shopping spree. Well... big shopping spree. There have been so many deliveries at my door that the mailman said "See you tomorrow!" because he was at my door every day!

There was a very cool sale that I just couldn't pass up. It was a Scratch&Dent sale, so the polishes may have been used for swatching, or the label might have been a bit crooked... I don't see it, they look perfect to me! I turned into one of those polish snatching hawks and kept refreshing until the sale was live LOL, I quickly grabbed Hot Shot, Hocus Pocus and Denim Diva and checked out.

But oh no! I was too quick checking out because I always try to use the shipping costs to the max. I mean, if I'm going to pay them, I might as well get everything at once, right? So I sent an e-mail and Tara, the customer service rep, was amazingly friendly and put up with all of my questions and numerous emails. I asked if I could add Razzle Dazzle and Cosmic Ocean to my order (that last one has been a lemming for a long time) and so here they are! Sailor's Delight was extra in my package, I didn't even expect it! Let's take a look at my swatches :-D

Sailor's Delight

Sailor's Delight is a beautiful fiery orange with golden flecks. It goes on smooth and opaque in three coats. I think this would be wonderful to layer over some pink to get a kind of oriental look!

Ooh I love this one! If ever there was a perfect neon holo, this is it! It goes on amazingly smooth, I didn't experience any dragging problems like with some other holos. It does take a couple of coats, which makes me want to layer this polish too. I could still see the nail line after three coats and I just can't bear to keep polishing after three layers.

My camera had a hell of a time trying to capture the holo, but it's just not showing up on the pics. Let me tell you that it looks pretty in the sunlight, 'kay? You should just believe me! It's not as strong a holo as, say, a CC Halo Hue, but I'd choose a Girly Bits holo over a Halo Hue any day because this polish is also stunning without sunlight, and not dull at all.

Razzle Dazzle

If you love glitter, this polish is a must-have. This one's packed with strong holo glitter that flashes a beautiful blue, purple and red among the deep magenta base. It's gorgeous and I keep looking at my fingers!

It takes three coats to reach opacity, but layering this polish would be cool too. On the left, you see one coat Razzle Dazzle over two coats of China Glaze Glistening Snow. As you can see, it dulls the color a bit but it does glitter like a madman. The accent nail is topped with a cute little coat of Different Dimension Santa Baby.

Please stay with me for the second part of mah Girly Bits! It'll be up soon, I pwomise!

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