Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Striped nail art without using a fan brush

Hey girls! I want to show you some really cool nail art I did a while back. I've seen examples of striped manis using a fan brush, but they never turn out quite the way I like them. I'm in love with this one though!

This design was so much work... I think I used over 15 different polishes! Every single line was hand painted by me, and yes, I did this on both hands *deep sigh* But it looks amazing, don't you think?

My nails are a whole lot longer now, although my short little nubs looked cute too :D

The stripes are nowhere near perfect, that's because I didn't want them to be. I like the messy look, it gives it sort of an artistic vibe. Painting this was fun!

P.S. The colorful design reminded me of this deodorant and shower gel I once had!

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