Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mah Girly Bits haz arrived! Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Girly Bits swatches! Today I have three more preeeeeeetty polishes that just take my breath away.

If you missed the first three polishes I reviewed, you can check them out HERE!

Denim Diva

For a dark blue polish, Denim Diva somehow knows exactly to get my attention. But that's what she's a diva for, right? I'm not really one for dark colors, but there's something about her... Is it her beautiful shine? The fact that she matches my jeans? Or might it be the secret shimmer she has hidden under that grey-ish blue exterior?
She's a beauty in the sunlight, really a shining star! She's perfect as a background for some night sky nail art. The formula goes on like a dream, as with any Girly Bits polish I own, and she's opaque in two coats.
Our diva does like to be the center of attention, so she gets a bit dull when she's not in the spotlight. She hides her shimmer but she could never hide her shine.
Now ain't she a pretty polish? I got her on sale, for only $5, I think because it's an old label and there's no rhinestone on the bottle. But that really doesn't make her any less special to me!

Cosmic Ocean

I decided to adorn the beautiful Denim Diva with a precious gown she deserves, in this case that's Cosmic Ocean. She wears like a dream! Cosmic Ocean is a perfect duochromey topper that shifts from a sparkly blue to a beautiful green. I wasn't able to capture her sparkle quite as it was in real life, that's such a shame.
Even though this is a topper, I had no problems whatsoever with applying the polish evenly throughout the nail.

Hocus Pocus

I had been wanting this polish for quite some time, so I was very excited to try it out. I'm sad to say that Hocus Pocus let me down, but only a little bit. The holo effect is amazing, she sparkles beautifully in all colors of the rainbow. What I didn't like about her is the greyish gleam she puts over the base color she's layered over. I guess it's because of her Spectraflair particles...

She's gorgeous in the sunlight...
... but the greyish layer comes out particularly awful in the shade.  Maybe there's still a good use for this polish, I think she just needs to be layered over the right color. I feel some experiments coming!!!

Here she is in the evening sun. I think this photo makes Hocus Pocus look extra holographic, which I love! Although it makes my fingers look kind of orange :-p

This concludes my review of the 6 Girly Bits polishes I bought. What's your favorite of the bunch? Is there another Girly Bits I just HAVE to have?

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