Friday, June 12, 2015

Rainbow soot sprites nail art

Hello my lovely ladies! I'm writing this blog post in the searing summer heat so I will keep it short and simple. I loved those little soot sprites from Spirited Away & My Neighbor Totoro, so I figured hey, why not make 'em rainbow colored? They don't really look like soot sprites anymore but they are cute! Click to see more!

Oh yeah and hey, they glow in the dark! I really don't remember all the names of all the polishes I used. There were a LOT. I do know I used some Parrot Polish, Serum No. 5, Different Dimension and there's also some Above The Curve mixed in there.

I don't really love this glow effect.... oh well :-p It's too hot to worry about it now.
I DO remember the background polish because it's one of my favorite holos: Color Club Beyond. So gorgeous! But so expensive over here :-p

Music "Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod
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