Friday, June 19, 2015

Fuzzy pink teddy bear nail art

Bear hugs for all of you!!! My bestest of nail friends Marlein made a little bear like this a while ago and I thought it was SO adorable! I had to make a little bear of my own, only... his head turned out kind of pointy! We still love people with pointy heads though so why not bears ;-) Click to see more!

I got my flocking powder from a Dutch online craft shop called Mini Mil's but sadly it no longer exists. You can find flocking powder at craft stores, nail supply stores and eBay. You'll also want some nail foil glue to attach it with, it's really convenient because it's tacky when it's dry so you don't have to work fast.
I did the eyes with Picture Polish Black because I wanted them to shine a little bit, and the pink lines are made with acrylic paint.

Aaaaand one more time for good measure, shamelessly promoting my friend's Instagram account: you'll want to visit and follow @creatinails, they are two sisters showing off their nail art on the one account and they're are sweet, funny, and both really talented!

Music is "Montauk Point" by Kevin MacLeod
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